New year, new me

Okay...so I think I better start off by apologizing. I have just gone through a lot lately. I think I said this in a post a couple months ago. But it's really true. And thinking about it right now, I can't believe so many holidays have gone bye. Like, it's Easter in a couple weeks! That is insane. Well anyway, I have been checking this for months and I just haven't known what to say. I kind of had some sort of idea, but I just felt kind of lost. I've been feeling a little, well, a lot better than I have been. SO, I just want to start fresh. And time is going bye so fast I feel like I need to catch up with everything. 

It's not like I haven't checked my dashboard in 4 months, I actually come and stop by everyday. But there is this weird nervousness inside of me where I go to write a post and I freeze and think I am not supposed to write anything yet...I don't even know! But I don't want to keep putting it off. I see so many people coming and following my blog and it warms my heart, it really does. And when I'm not posting new content, it hurts me! So with that being said, I really want to start fresh. I have wanted to change my blog layout for a while now, but that is another thing that has me fearful haha. If anyone knows how to help me, please don't be shy!! I need desperate help with changing things around. I'm not sure if I should just google it or what :) 

I've also been saving for a nice camera, since all I have right now is a canon point and shoot. It does take nice pictures and video but I just want something a little higher end. I have been eyeing a canon t3i or canon sx50 I think its called? Something like that. My parents told me for Christmas they would get me one (a camera) so I still have to decide on that...oops haha. I have also been looking around for a part time job, because I have to admit, when you're homeschooled, you get really REALLY bored. And after staying in the house day after day, you get kind of crazy. So i know it's best for me to do something about that. And it would mean a little cash too.

Well, this is kind of a short post for being gone too long, but there are mannnnyyy more to come :) I'm really sorry again, and I hope you understand, whoever reads this. I know I'm not the only one going through a tough time like this, and I know a lot of people have it worse. Everyday I try and make a conscious effort to be positive and motivated to do things. 

How was your March?

xx, Maddie