New School Supplies ♦ ♢

Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets overly excited for new school supplies?? I was soooo giddy when I got my list of what I needed. I was like "heck yeah, I get to make some tubmlr binders!" ;) As you can see above, thats what I did to my white binder. I was feeling creative and in the mood to make "inspiration" or mood boards so I decorated my new stuff instead..and it took me over four hours. I know right!! Don't ask me how. I decided to make the front and back two different themes, so I found myself scrolling endlessly through tumblr and pinterest until I forced myself to finally print the paper out haha. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out :)

I'm in love with my two notebooks, especially the orange striped one. Oh, and I finally purchased my first couple rolls of washi tape, and it's as amazing as everyone has been saying it is. The patterns are so fricken cute I honestly want to deck everything I own with it. Maybe a future post on what to do with extra washi tape?! Lol okay maybe not...

So my first day at my new school is tomorrow...I'm actually really excited because yesterday I picked up my schedule and I was able to meet my teachers...Seriously guys I got so lucky <3 It's all thanks to my mom for finding this amazing school!! 

When do you guys start school? Did anyone graduate? :)