10 Quirky Facts About Me

(I'm weird yes I know!)

1. If I sleep with socks on, one ALWAYS comes off.

2. I'm an early bird. Usually I'm up before the suns up, which for me is about 5:00-5:30. Sometimes I'm even a night owl, which means I probably don't get enough sleep that night!

3. I drink over a gallon of water a day.

4. There's nothing I love more than being creative-whether I'm writing, drawing, playing the piano, doing my makeup. I don't think i could survive without my wonderful imagination!

5. Throughout my four years of high school, I've been to three different schools.

6. When I'm stressed I like to sweat it out. I love running, weight lifting, yoga, and all kinds of different exercises.

7. Sometimes I have days where I wish I could grow up already and do my own thing, and then other days I have panic attacks that I'm growing up way too quickly and I wish I was back in elementary school.

8. I'm a Pescatarian, which means the only meat I eat is fish. I also don't eat eggs, dairy, gluten, or processed sugar. Yes I'm a health freak but I feel amazing! ;)

9. I used to be obsessed with anything Victorian and embellished, now I'm more of a minimalistic, simple lines with a pop of color kinda girl 

10. I aspire to have a life where my job is doing something different everyday, like writing, then taking pictures, then creating something, then something different. etc. I'm the type of person that needs change, and having a creative job will give me just that! :)

11. Okay I thought I would just throw this out there-I'm a weirdo. I love to laugh in serious situations, which isn't always a good thing, but it's just who I am. I don't always like to take life too seriously. Life is about living in the moment, and making every moment count! So I like to be happy as much as I can, even though that can be difficult sometimes. But no one is perfect and everyone deserves to live the life they imagine to :)

I hope you liked this fun kind of post! Share some quirky facts about yourself in the comments, i love to read them :)