Weekend Vibes

// Out of this world Persian food //
// Major rainstorms ending with rainbows//

// Going on a long long morning walk in the beautiful fresh rain air//

// Hurting my brain thinking about my blog design (really I've been struggling lol)//

// Lighting my pumpkin candle and doing yoga when I wake up (ah bliss)//

// Snuggling in bed with my tea catching up on youtube/blogs/magazines//

// Pinning and pinning and pinning s'more (it's a bad addiction)//

// Thinking too much about the future//

How was your weekend?



Current Fall Nighttime Routine

Lately every night, after I finish all of my chores, homework and social media surfing I take a nice hot shower, cozy up into my bed and pick a magazine to read out of the stack i have on my desk. It's been SO relaxing and catching up on all the latest trends and reports (especially all of the september issues) is very satisfying haha. I also brought my bath and body works "pumkpin cupcake" candle out after months of being stuck in my closet and it smells divine. While I sit in bed and sip on my tea, i like my room to be dimly lit. It makes it feel so much more cozy and calm, just me? haha.

Sometimes I'll read magazines, sometimes blogs, or sometimes I'll write. I really suggest every person to do this before going to bed because it kind of frees your mind of the hundreds of thoughts that swirl around your brain as you try to go to sleep. It's definitely works for me most nights! 

Right now I can't help but think of the butternut squash my mom is going to cook later...mmmmm I love fall haha! ;)

What does your fall nighttime routine look like at the moment?



Inspirational Work Space

I've really been wanting to spruce up my desk area in my room. Well, I guess I could say I never finished it because since I started school I kind of pushed decorating my room to the side. I have had the vision of hanging a metal board or a cork board up so i could create my own inspiration boards/mood boards. I love the idea of hanging photos up because it gets my creativity flowing, and it looks aesthetically pleasing to me haha :) Personally, I like the simple lines of shelves and lines, but I also like to add pops of color, like in the photos above. All of these pictures are from my Pinterest board, which i am dangerously addicted to! I also love to have stacks of magazines either on my desk or creating a tower on the ground, it gives off such a cool vibe to me. 

What kind of work spaces do you like to work in?



Social Media Break

So for the past two months I've taken a break from social media. Meaning I haven't checked twitter or instagram ONCE! This is a very big deal for me because I was kind of addicted to it, badly. As soon as I would open my eyes after my alarm went off, I would reach right for my phone and check twitter, then instagram, and maybe pinterest. I would go on with my day and check it periodically. And then before I went to bed (meaning lying under my covers in the dark) I would scroll endlessly for over an hour before I even shut my eyes. I noticed that I was starting to not even care what I was reading, but I was just addicted to checking the apps. So without even making it a goal or anything, I just stopped checking it for good. And surprisingly, it didn't phase me at all. Since August 17th, I haven't checked twitter or instagram up until today, and I'm not even upset or agitated by it. I feel like I haven't really missed out on anything and it's helped me to realize I won't die without these sites!

Basically, I was able to wake up more peacefully, and have an extra 30 minutes or so to do something else, in my case meditate and do yoga before I exercise in the morning. And before bed, I make a nice cup of warm tea now and grab a magazine or a book and get inspired that way. And I LOVE it. Even though I want to be a blogger and social media is a part of the job, it's always nice to take a cleanse and realize what's most important. 

So I think I want to check my feeds regularly again, but not the way I was before, because you know I still like to keep up to date with the people I follow! ;) And if you're not totally addicted instagram and twitter are very creative and inspiring apps, especially to us writers/bloggers/designers.

Have you ever gone on a 'social media cleanse?'



Feeling a Little Confused

Oh boy. Today is just one of those days, you know? I feel a little bit confused on life, but I went for a great run and now I feel a little bit better. I'll be honest, I've re-written this post like 5 times. At first I was kind of a downer, but after thinking for a few moments I realized I have nothing really to be sad about. I'm feeling good now and whatever happened before is in the past. So if you're having a bad day right now I just want you to know that we ALL have bad days! Smile, take a deep breathe, and exhale every thought that is bugging you. Just relax and know that everything is going to be okay :)

The week is almost over! 



The Moodboard Tag

This mood board is kind of all over the place, but I've been obsessing over black and white...and lately I've been really loving my body and myself, which i guess is a good thing haha! I've just enjoyed looking at myself in my mirror and admiring the body I was blessed with. Sounds a little cheesy but after reading a lot about people who don't have body parts or get sick and can't do something, it really makes me love what I have. This past week I've had so much energy and I've loved sweating and exercising, because it just releases stress and makes me feel amazing. So that's what I wanted to show in this board. Odd I know but that's just me haha! ;)

Thanks for tagging me Victoria! I tag Katie, Ashley, and Rachel :)



So Crazy

Okay, hello!! I am still here. I can't believe it's been like 5 days since I posted something and I feel really bad about that. This week went bye so fast, honestly I don't even remember it being monday. I actually had more homework than normal, and I kind of just felt off. I dont know, I've been over thinking a lot of things and the past few days I've just needed time to myself. I haven't even really been using my computer that much which is a shocker haha, cause I'm ADDICTED to it! But anyway, after going to this meditation/yoga class with my mom a couple nights ago, I feel so much clearer and calmer. I was letting myself slip into that hole of sadness and anxiety again and I wanted to catch myself before I really got caught in it. 

Anyway, it's kind of late at night and I was watching a few (haha or more) youtube videos and listening to some of my favorite throwback songs, and all of the sudden I felt this sense of knowingness that I am going to be okay, future-wise. It's kind of hard to explain, but this past week (and for the past 2 years) I have struggled with worrying too much about what I'm going to do after high school. I have some sort of general idea, but I have always let fear get in my way. Tonight, I felt like that fear lifted off of my chest in a way. Like right now, I feel like I can pack up my things and just move, like I've wanted to for ever since I can remember. Do any of you have that problem? Just wanting something so badly but blowing the idea away because you think you're not worthy or good enough for it? Yeah that's what I've always felt.

So I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I guess I will just start writing what I want to say. For a good year now, I've wanted to start uploading my own youtube videos. I uploaded ONE video on my birthday this year, and then sort of chickened out and never gave it a second chance. Well I'm telling you right now, I am SO ready to finally upload what I want to. I mean, I have so much motivation right now it's crazy. I have let fear push me away and change my mind and let me feel inferior, and I'm tired of it. After going through so much crap over the past couple of years, after giving up and hitting rock bottom, I am ready to just be me and do whatever the hell I want. Because it's my life and I wasted precious years, months, days just sitting and over thinking and not doing anything that made me happy. Yes I kind of wish I can turn back time, but without these horrible never ending days, I wouldn't have the knowledge I do today. 

I want to continue with my blog, but now I really want to put forth more effort. I will admit, yes I am AFRAID of putting out some content just because of what other people might think. I know it sounds stupid but its what the internet does to people. It creates this sort of competition. And I'm done being afraid, I'm just going to BE ME and do what I want. I feel so free and so open to new things, and I really want to inspire anybody reading this to stop worrying about other people, stop worrying about the future, the past, the haters, the whiners. JUST STOP AND BREATHE AND BE IN THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW. Right. NOW. You can change the way you feel in an instant, and I did tonight, and now look at me haha. I have all of these thoughts going through my head and I just have to get them out before I go to bed :) 

So in a nutshell, I'm just going to push myself. I'm going to challenge myself to write down my goals, to do what makes me happy, to do what I WANT even if it makes me a little scared or nervous, because that's life and those are emotions we feel, but we don't have to let them take over our lives. I'm ready to finally be me and do/create what I want. And I can't wait to share it with you guys :) 

I hope this wasn't too long or pointless but I just had to write a little bit. Again school kind of took over this week so I'm sorry for not putting anything up-I wouldn't want to put out bad content just for the sake of putting something up :)

I love you-whoever is reading this :)



Autumn Nail Choices

Yeeeeees. Honestly I have never been more excited for Autumn. Even though Summer is one of my favorite seasons, I just can't help but think of cozy sweaters, warm fuzzy socks and blankets and spending cold nights in watching movies with hot chocolate haha :) It's still summer weather where I live, and probably will be for another two months but hey I can imagine I live somewhere else ;)

Every year I come back to these same colors for my nails. I especially like the dark blues and reds personally, but I know other colors like nude and olive are trending this year too, which I want to try out. Essie's 'after school boy blazer' is always a color that I get compliments on when I wear it, so that shade is a popular one. The red color up there is just a polish I picked up from Forever 21 like a year ago, and I have to say for $1.50 the quality is amazing. The color stays on for longer than 5 days and it doesn't chip or anything, so bonus points for them! 

The other two colors are Nails Inc. 'Baker Street' and Essie's 'mamba'. Both of these colors look fabulous with tanned or pale skin. Speaking of pale skin, that's something I'll be rocking this season haha! Sadly I've lost my summer glow but for the colder months I absolutely LOVE the way pale skin looks with the dark colors of makeup and clothes. Ugh I can't take it. 

What kind of nail polish will you be wearing during the Fall season?



Pastel Moodboard♡

I found myself wandering the realms of pinterest for over 2 hours today and felt the urge to create a moodboard on what I've been obsessing over. I created a few new boards on my pinterest and these collages kind of sum up what they're about haha! The pretty soft pastels with the white are absolutely stunning, but i also love the bright neon chalky colors too. So many decisions ;) I think after looking at so many pictures, I want my room to stem from one of these palates. Probably the one on the top, because I love the way it looks with gold and those colors could pretty much go with anything. 

Oh, and I ended up not going to school yesterday (tuesday) or monday because my city had a terrible rain storm that flooded everywhere, including some major streets and schools, so my school closed! I was taken by surprise, but having an extra two days off after the weekend felt extremely satisfying. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! :) Two more days until the weekend 



Black Cherry

My dad told me he was taking me and my brother out to meet our mom for sushi and he told me i had 30 minutes to get ready. so after having on no makeup and my hair up in a bun all day i decided to get all nice and fancy for the night out. i don't know why, i was just feeling like a dark look. so thats what i did! ;) I had my lipstick already in mind, so with that i just did a bit of a cat eye with my liner, and added extra bronzer and highlighter for that autumn face. I threw my hair up in a high ponytail because it was the day after i washed it and i didn't even want to try and mess with it. 

I brought my camera thinking I was going to document the night but that didn't end up happening. I tried to snap a few photos of our food but everyone ate so quickly i didn't get any. i was really bummed but what can you do. My meal was delicious though, it was a miso soup with mushrooms, green beans, red peppers, onion, and tofu. mmmmmm.

Then later after dinner i drove home with my mom and it started raining when we got home, so that only means we HAD to bake some cookies and watch a movie in the kitchen haha :) I always love these kinds of nights with my family. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a great start to the week! Smile :) 




Weekly Recap♡

Hi guys! Man i feel like i have been away from my blog for so long. With school starting and everything my life has been SO busy but I prayed for that to happen so I'm not complaining one bit :) 

//No school on monday and a short day on wednesday, amazingness!!

//The most delicious salad for lunch everyday: Chopped apples, raisins, pepitas (seeds), walnuts/almonds, lettuce and walnut oil. It's HEAVEN

//Every night I have been going for the most calming and beautiful walks around my neighborhood. Instead of retreating back to my computer after dinner, this has been helping me to clear my mind and get me into nature and I love every bit of it.

//This isn't anything new for me, but my green smoothie with peanut butter, banana, and cacao has been extra chocolate-y and delicious, maybe it's because I'm happier and noticing the little things, but it's definitely been hitting the spot ;)

//I DROVE MYSELF TO SCHOOL. With NO adult in the car. Ahhhh can you believe it?! I can't that's for sure. I honestly can't wrap my head around the fact that I am now legally allowed to do that. I remember when I was like 10 years old thinking this day was so far away, and now it's here. Crazy. (Ps everything went fine and I'm still alive lol)

//The sunsets. My gosh they have been amazing. Bright magenta pink and neon orange, and then as the sun sets even further the sky turns a deep royal purple and cobalt blue. So grateful I am able to see them.

//Fall is almost here!! Well, it actually won't show up where I live for about another month or two which really stinks, but in my mind I'm gonna pretend I live somewhere where the leaves change and the weather gets all nice and crisp...Ahh wearing the cozy oversized sweater and ankle booties, smelling of pumpkin spice and never taking the deep cherry lipstick off :) 

What made you happy this week?



Make A Statement

A week or so ago I went to the mall, and I might add I DROVE myself there. Alone. Just me and my dad’s car. I have to say it was a very thrilling experience and it was one of those moments where I felt like an adult, and there was something so cool about that moment. I remember when I was younger daydreaming about driving myself places, and now that that moment is finally here it made me reflect on how much I’ve grown and changed over the years. Its crazy that it’s almost time for me to start thinking about buying my own apartment.

Anyway lets stop getting emotional and reflective and actually get on with this post haha! So after I excitedly got out of my car and congratulated myself on arriving at the mall, I walked into forever 21 looking for dainty simple necklaces. They ended up not having any which surprised me, but they did have 2 beautiful statement necklaces, which are pictured above. I don’t have many of these, so I thought it would be good to add a couple to my jewelry collection. I have been wearing both of them like crazy and getting compliments every time. I love that I can throw them on with any outfit and it instantly looks like I tried 10 times harder.

The two simpler necklaces I purchased at PacSun. I love this store for their jewelry because it’s so cute and boho-ish. I wanted to get a few bracelets but ended up feeling guilty and put them back haha. I especially like the necklace with the hansa hand and elephant, because I connect with those symbols spiritually :)

What kind of jewelry are you loving into the fall season?


August Favorites

So after not doing a July Favorites I was really anxious to do this post haha. Honestly time is flying bye so fast I feel like im forgetting a couple of things, so hopefully I’m not! August was a whirlwind for me. I started my new school and went through a lot of different emotions and feelings within a couple of weeks, which is always draining for me. Over the last few days though I realized that I am SO lucky to have parents like I do, and the fact that they have been sticking with me through everything I’ve gone through makes me feel so loved and special. I’m going to admit, sometimes I do act like a brat or I scare myself too easily over silly situations, but I can say I am genuinely happy with my life right now. I know I said in a post I was second guessing myself on going to this new school, but now I think I know that I made the right decision. And I can’t just expect to like everything right away, I mean I’ve barely been in school for a month. So I’m really glad that I’m in a better place mentally, because when I’m in a better place everyyything always goes better haha!

Anyway onto my favorites ;)

Aztec Leggings// I’ve literally worn these for three days in a row no joke. They can go with so many different shirts and jewelry, it makes it so easy to create numerous outfits. And they’re sooo soft! I purchased these at Forever 21 :)

Maybelline “Sin-A-Mon”//Oh boy you guys are probably sick of hearing about this from me haha! But I’ve been wearing this gorgeous mauve color on my lips everyday, even as I’m writing this right now. It doesn’t budge and its that perfect 90’s color everyone is obsessed with.

Gold Statement Necklace// Usually I don’t wear short statement necklaces like this, but after wearing it once I fell in love with it. When I put it on it instantly makes my outfit look like I tried harder than I did, so sneaky ;) I also purchased this at Forever 21

L’Oreal Infallable Super Slim Liner// Recently I’ve been wanting to wear really dark eye makeup, not because I’m sad or anything, but I’ve been loving the way it looks on bloggers and on other people. I’ve seen so many different pictures on pinterest too, you know the metallic eye with the dark crease and smoky outer corner? Ugh I love it! I’ve been adding a wing too, which I might add I’m getting quite good at from all the practice haha. This eyeliner is perfect to use. It’s so easy to just draw the wing and fill it in!

Leave a comment telling me some of your favorites; I would love to try new products of course haha! ;)