Bells Will Be Ringin' ♦

So as I said in my School Supply post, I picked up my schedule, and it's definitely not like anything I've ever had before, in a great way. Here's what it looks like:

1- Publication Design (Graphic design and yearbook)
2- Dance Development
3- Acting
4- Lit. & Rhetoric
5- Trig/ Pre-Calculus
6- Creative Writing

I mean...?! And the thing I also love about this schedule is, I only have three of these classes each day. So on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will have Publication Design, Acting, and Trig. And then On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will have Dance, Lit., and Creative Writing. It's SO cool. 

I met my teachers and they seem so different than normal. What I mean by that is, they care about each individual student, and where that student is academically. And the class sizes are small, so everyone will get to know each other and the teacher will be able to help more one-on-one style, which is amazing. All in all, I'm pumped.

And I can't wait to start my dance and acting classes. Those will make me feel like I'm not even at school! I wanna know, have any of you ever been to a school like this? This is my first time and year at an arts school so I'm just curious. 

By the time this post is up I will be heading off for my first day! :) I know everything is going to be amazing this year...wish me luck!