Favorite Flats

As Summer is coming to a close, we know our summer wardrobe is coming to a close as well! As much as I loved wearing my strappy sandals, I'm ready to pull out my fall shoes! My favorites for fall are booties and flats, because they can go with ANY outfit. It can take a drab look to amazing. Here are some flats I spotted and loved:

These are super adorable, and not overly girly. With just a hint of red, they're perfect to spruce up an outfit! These are $30 from H&M.

Okay, anything with leopard probably already exists in my closet. But I have yet to own these! This leopard slipper can be worn with a mix of prints, or just solid colors. Either way your lookin trendy! You can buy these at MatisseFootwear.com for $65.

These are definitely unique, but I love them. The gold buckle ontop is so chic. These are DV by Dolce Vita for $79.

Yet another shoe from H&M! You would never know you only paid $99 for these Oxfords. I would love to wear these with a gigantic sweater while sipping a hot cocoa, wouldn't you?

Well these are some of many of my favorite flats for fall! What's your favorite?

xx, Maddie

Moodboard Monday

Happy Monday lovely people!! :-) How was everyone's weekend? I had some family fly into town and they stayed for a night. It was fun! All weekend long I was gathering some fun and beautiful pictures that got me in the mood for Fall. So here are some pictures that just leave me feeling all warm and cuddly: (Warning: Lots of pumpkin!!)

My favorite part of fall is definitely the leaves changing, and the weather turning crisp and cool! Perfect for morning strolls. I love putting little decorative pumpkins everywhere around my house, accented with orange and rust colored leaves. Ahh, I just love this season. What's your favorite part of Fall?

xx, Maddie


Paris Street Style

Okay, I have been stuck to my computer for hours and hours. I feel guilty. But I have come across so many inspiring pictures I just can't pull away from my screen. Paris Fashion Week is my favorite week because of the street style. Everyone looks amazziiinngg in anything. Here are some of my favorite pics!

Mixing prints like a pro! And it looks flawless.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this outfit? That jacket needs to appear in my closet..and those pants!!

All three of these outfits are ready-to-wear ensembles that look chic and effortless!

What is your favorite Street Style pic?

xx, Maddie


Real Girl Beauty: Backstage at Lavin

Model Jamie Bochert wore this beautifully crafted Lavin T-shirt openly and effortlessly for the runway show later that day. This picture was taken backstage as she touched up her makeup and did last minute touches to the final look. She looks simply dreamy! For her makeup, she wanted to look like she had applied nothing, which is what she accomplished! She swiped a slight contour under her cheekbones and some slight blush, to make her appear flush and natural. It was unusually warm in Paris! Lastly, she added a light taupe in the crease of her eye, just to add some definition. She left her lips natural and bare, which I think makes the whole look. I think Jamie looks gorgeous, what do you think? Would you change anything about the look? 

xx, Maddie

Friday Favorites

Another week, another post! Happy Friday everyone! :-) This week I got a lot accomplished: I finished two of my classes for school. (Yay!) And so now I'm on my fall break. So happy! And then I came across a couple new blogs that I'm literally obsessed with now haha. I have also been LOVING the pictures from Paris Fashion Week. Below are some favorites!

Favorite Denim Jacket:

 Favorite Lace Dress:

 Favorite Oversized Cardigan: 

 Favorite Heels: (Perfect for fashion week...)

Do you have any favorites this week? Let me know in the comments below! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

xx, Maddie


Getting Inspirational

Happy Wednesday everyone :-) How is your week going so far? Today I finished up my last couple of tests for my school classes ( I take lessons online, loving it!) and so now I'm on my Fall break until October 7th. Nice little time off huh? So in the spare time that I have, I wanted to create some inspiration boards, because let me just say it, they really do inspire me. When I look at pictures, my mind starts racing, and thats when I'm able to really create things! Here are a few pictures of inspiration boards I thought looked SO cool:

I love the look of having multiple boards with different themes to each. Definitely going to try this in my room!

Okay, this one is a little crazy, but I LOVE it. The variety of colors and textures just screams at me.

I want this so badly!! How awesome would it be to have chalk board drawings around an inspiration board? I want to try and convince my mom to let me paint just one wall in my bedroom...but that isn't turning out very well!! 

Not only do I love the tiny frames around some of the pictures, but I also love that this is behind a computer, so when you're doing work, you become inspired! That is initially where I am going to set up my inspiration "area". I spend most of my time in my room at my antique desk doing school work or reading your lovely blogs, so that's where I intend to hang my pictures :)

I hope all of you are inspired and you create your own inspiration boards too!
Have a wonderful day :-)

xx, Maddie


Wish List

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! :) I hope everyone had a great weekend. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about different products that everyone is raving about. I thought, hmmmmm I need these products in my life!! Hahaha. So I put together a little list of must-have products that I really really need. (Yes I need them!!)

Can you believe it? I don't have these fantastic palettes...yet! Ever since joining YouTube and seeing how many different looks can be created with these bad boys, I haven't stopped thinking about them. I recently went into Sephora and gazed at them, literally for 10 minutes. But, being the money saver I am, I wasn't about to go spend $100 on two makeup palettes. So, I put them on my wish list :)

Ahh look at all these pretty colors!! Have any of you ever tried NYX products before? Everyone is talking about these butter glosses, and I must say I am dying to try them. I bought the NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette and absolutely love it. It makes your makeup look so, well, natural and effortless! You should definitely try it. 

Yes, the beloved HOOLA bronzer! I tested this on my cheeks at Sephora, and I was so surprised. Even though it doesn't look dark in the pot, it makes you glow! This is a perfect product for the colder months, where everyone seems to loose all their color they worked so hard to achieve over Summer!

These brushes are not getting the attention they deserve. If any of you haven't heard of them, they are called Sigma brushes, and THEY ARE THE HOLY GRAIL OF BRUSHES. YouTube beauty gurus such as Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero rave about these brushes. I am yet to get my hands on them, but after the reviews they have gotten, I cannot wait to use them. People are getting rid of their MAC brushes and completely replacing them with these! Shown above is the Premium Kit. It comes with 15 brushes, and get this, it's only $164!! That's like less than $10 a brush! And you can also get their brushes separately for outstanding prices. I still don't understand why they haven't really gotten the attention they deserve!

Well, this is my little wish list for Fall, haha! What are some of the items you're looking to receive?

Have a great day :)

xx, Maddie


Sweet Scarves

It's finally here! Today is the first day of Fall, and while many of you get to wear comfy sweaters and chunky boots, I am still stuck in the very hot summer sun (I live in the dry, but beautiful, desert of Arizona)! But that doesn't mean I can't start gathering my Fall accessories! One of my favorite pieces of clothing to add to a Fall outfit is an infinity scarf. YES! I just love them. And I think they are the easiest scarves to wear! Below are some of my favorites:

This grey knit infinity scarf is massive, but it will keep you nice and warm! And it's a great neutral to pair with darker colors, like Jessica did.

Okay this is definitely a favorite. I LOVE the warm palette on this outfit, and the matching red hair is so gorgeous. And the thing I love most about this look is the necklace that she wore! Most people think if you wear a scarf, you can't wear a necklace. But it's the total opposite. It adds that extra feminine touch :)

LOOK AT THIS SCARF! I cannot contain my excitement when it comes to fur! But the great thing about this scarf in particular is it's all faux! So you're helping the planet while looking fabulous :)

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories for Fall. What are you favorite pieces? Enjoy your first day of Fall!

xx, Maddie


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here. Even though I love the weekend I had a pretty good week, I'm not gonna lie :-) Here is a new series to the blog, where every Friday I will post some of my favorite images of the week! So below are some of my favorite items I came across!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: 

Favorite Neutral Outfit:

Favorite iPhone cases:

Favorite Makeup Vanity:

What do you guys have planned this weekend?

xx, Maddie 


Desk Inspiration

Recently, I have been staring at my desk space. As much as I love my antique vanity, it's not really working for me. So far, I cleared everything off the "desk" part of it and now I'm stumped. I bought a few candles from bath and body works and set them on top, but otherwise that's it, along with another antique lamp. So here are a couple of my favorite office spaces that have been inspiring me!

                   I love this desk. The gold and white is so simple and so feminine.

Ahhh! The rose gold phone and the magenta flowers!! I. need. this.

Now how can you not love working here? The lanterns with the gold leaves against the natural light gives it a cozy warm effect. I would be so inspired in this workspace.

Okay. My favorite setup of all. This is what I need my inspiration board needs to look like! Messily organized and crazy chic. And again, I love the white in the background.

What is your favorite desk inspiration?

xx, Maddie


Sweater Weather

Yayyy! It's my favorite time of year again...FALL! How many of you absolutely LOVE Fall and everything that has to do with it? Because I know I do. I already bought two new candles from Bath & Body Works. YUM. And I've put little glass pumpkins on my desk and dresser. Yes I'm addicted. But here is another amazing part of fall: the sweaters!! 

 Adorable, chic, and perfect for the season. The touch of animal print is genius!

Love the preppy feel with this sweater. It's a perfect look when you're on the go! Adding a bright lip in a hurry makes it look like you had a ton of time to get ready. Sneaky!!

Ahh, my favorite color: White!! I love the way this has little peep-holes throughout it. Having the dark oxblood colored nails and black bag totally scream fall (or winter!). You could either add a large statement necklace or a little dainty one. I would even wrap an infinity scarf around my neck!

Eeep! This is my favorite look. Adding a hat with this oversized sweater is so cozy looking. I would love to rock this at the beach or at a bonfire in my backyard late at night.

What are your favorite looks?

P.S. Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been trying to get a job, but I will be posting regularly now!

xx, Maddie


Drugstore Madness!

Okay, so a few days ago, I was in the kinda mood where I needed more makeup and I didn't care that I was going to spend money (I'm sure you know what that feels like). So I hopped on my bike and rode down to the marketplace a little over a mile from my house. There is a Walgreens there so thats where I was headed! Keep in mind, when I got on my bike it was hot and sunny outside.

So when I was in the store, I picked up a few goodies! Okay get ready. I picked up 5 lipsticks, 2 lip balms, four eyeshadow quads, a L'oreal mascara and a day/night cream. Yes I did some damage! 

So far the lipsticks are amazing. I got four of them from the Maybelline Vivids collection: Vivid Rose, On Fire Red, Shocking Coral and Coral Crush. Let me just collect myself!!! Okay the pigmentation on these babies is absolutely amazing. And they are so soft to your lips!! Honestly I'm obsessed. Anyone else?! I also got a L'oreal in I Pink You're Cute. Such a cute name right? And the color, OH MY GOD, is a bright bubble gum pink almost, and its a perfect summer staple. But the color I'm going to be rocking for fall is definitely On Fire Red.

Okay and then of course I couldn't leave without getting two BabyLips!! I got one in Cherry Me and the other in Peach Kiss. SO SOFT. I'm addicted.

For the eyeshadows, I picked them all out from Maybelline Eyestudio. My absolute favorite and staple for fall is the new limited edition Violet Femmes. The deep rich purples are sooooo pretty and if you spray your eyeshadow brush with a bit of water or setting spray before you apply the shadow, it will come out so much more pigmented and even shimmer a bit! And then I also picked up the Green with Envy quad and Give me Gold quad, which is also a great summer to fall transition!

So after I checked out, (feeling a bit lighter in my wallet!) I walked out the doors and stopped in my tracks. IT WAS POURING RAIN AND THE CLOUDS WERE BLACK. I COULDN'T EVEN SPOT THE SUN! I literally started laughing because I was stuck under the little overhang for 30 minutes! I couldn't get on my bike and drive more than a mile home! Although I did get a little wet, I made it home just in time! When I got to my room, I lit some candles and put on my twinkling lights around my mirror :) So cozy!! And then I stared at all the cosmetics I poured onto the floor. Hashtag the life of Maddie. LOL.

So that's what happened to me a few days ago! What crazy stories do you have to share with me!? Leave them in the comments below!

xx, Maddie


Makeup Junkie

So I've recently found my passion...

I'm a MAKEUP JUNKIE!! I can't be the only one right??

As you guys know, I'm a little over 16 years old. I'm one of those kids who has a little pint-sized idea about what they want to do when they grow up. Well, now that I'm homeschooled I've had a lot of time to myself. I've been able to really think about the things that I love and have passion for. It all came to me!! Makeup, fashion, beauty, and of course BLOGGING! :) 
I've never had a job but I was recently shopping at the outdoor fashion center like 7 miles from my house, and I stopped in my tracks. SEPHORA. Why didn't I think of it before? Who knows what I was thinking but I know where I'm applying for a job! On the door, it read something like, "Is this your dream job? No matter your age, see the manager for details." I about DIED. I told my mom and she's down for it too. So I'm, like, reallllly super excited to show them what I've got. I can't wait to start collecting makeup. 
I'm just really happy and relieved I found something that I truly have passion over...yeah I'm kind of obsessing over it... ;) Do any of my readers collect makeup!? Leave tips for me in the comments below!

xx, Maddie 


Well hello Blogger!

Well, this is my first post EVER so let me introduce myself! My name is Madison but I usually go by Maddie :) I’m a 16 year old teenage girl..basically I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with fashionmake uphair, fitness, health, blogging, DIY's, creativity, etc.. So I decided to create my own blog! Here is where I’ll post whats on my mind :) This is a place where girls of all ages can come to share thoughts, get advice, see what I’m posting and more!
I hope you enjoy. Really, this blog is going to be a place of relaxation for me haha! So I can’t wait to talk with all of you and see what you guys are interested in :)
Hope to chat with you soon, and see you in my other posts!
xoxo, Maddie