Summer Tanks

I was able to stop by the mall for a quick trip and didn't plan on buying anything...but we all know how that ends up! If anyone has ever been to the store "Fashion Q" you know what I'm about to tell you. But for those who have never been in one, you're missing out. The majority of their clothing items range from $5-$25. So basically everything I'm showing you here I got for $32!! It's really insane.

The clothes are very well made too, so it's like a two for one. As you can see there is a trend going on between all of the tanks I picked up haha. I don't know why I ended up picking all flowy tanks but I guess that's a trend I like right now. You can pair these tees with so many different combinations of clothing, from high-waisted shorts to leggings and so on. 

I don't know which one is my fav, but I do like the black California one. I'm currently wearing that with some ripped high-waisted shorts and a bright red lip! Feeling a bit edgy today...

Which tee do you like the best? 




Are you a #GIRLBOSS?

Okay, so this book has definitely made it's way around numerous blogs and best-seller lists, but have you picked it up yet? Honestly, I am SO glad that I started reading this in Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago. I had heard so much about it, and so when I saw it on the shelves (there was ONE left, so I knew it was fate for me to pick it up) I grabbed it as soon as I could and whipped open the pages. 

I was able to get about 35 pages in before I had to leave, and I couldn't believe how much I liked it. I was sucked into Sophia's way with words and how she makes her story seem so relatable. I really, reaalllly wanted to buy the book that night, but my mom promised me she would get it for me off of Amazon, and fast forward to this monday, and it came in the mail!

So anyway, I've pretty much finished the book. Not entirely, I probably have 50 pages or so left, but WOW. I can't even begin to tell you how influencing this book is. It's making me literally want to get off my ass and start an empire. From the beginning of the book, Sophia makes it clear that she started from rock bottom, like no house or money or food rock bottom. Then, she kind of skips around in the book from different jobs she's had, to what decisions ultimately created the multimillion dollar company she has today. When reading what she's gone through, or some of the stupid decisions she's made, and her thoughts and feelings on certain things, it makes me feel so much more confident in myself to know that everyone is afraid of something. Not everyone knows what they want to do, and not everyone is willing to work for something they want. That's why Sophia is where she is today, because she decided that after not giving a crap about her work life (you'll have to read the book), she made a change with her attitude and her outlook on life and finally set out to do something. 

She also makes it very clear numerous times throughout the book that she has worked her ass off. And that when being a #GIRLBOSS, you should too. It's not always putting pressure on yourself, but mentally making changes in your behavior. Like doing something everyday to get closer to a goal. Or giving 100% percent at a job, even if you might not enjoy it. This book is filled with so many inspiring chapters, and it's definitely a must-read for anybody willing to chase after something they want. 

It's definitely planted a seed in my head!! :) I'm sad I'm almost done reading it, but so excited to begin different projects I've wanted to do. 

Are you going to pick up this book and become a #GIRLBOSS with me?




Stress Less: What Yoga Has Done For Me

Here is another post for my “Stress Less” series on the blog today. Oh the wonders of yoga, haha! I’ll start off by saying I’m not that new to yoga. When I was younger, like ten or 11, I would take classes two times a week for about an hour. It’s young I know, but boy did it relax me. I still remember the dimly lit room, the amazingly scented candles, and how the teachers would cover our eyes at the end and spray our feet with essential oils. It was nice :)

Fast forward a few years, and here I am really throwing myself into the world of yoga. Before last year, I had no idea there were so many ways of yoga practice. There’s so many to name, but practices like Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, Nidra, Aerial, etc! It amazes me that they are all so different.

When I first started practicing yoga by myself a little over a year ago, I didn’t see the purpose of it. I didn’t look deep enough into what it was really doing for me. I almost gave it up for good, until I started researching different techniques. I also watched different youtube videos, which helped me to do more advanced moves. I ended up learning a lot, and I found that I like a faster moving flow, more breathe and things like that. Not always, because sometimes the slow relaxation flows do wonders. But it really sucked me into it!

When I finally started to understand what it does for the mind, I was addicted to it. At first, I though yoga was just another form of exercise or strength training. But it is SO much more than that. You learn to control your breath, your thoughts, your body, you build amazing body strength, flexibility, stability and the list goes on and on. I find that ever since I started doing yoga a couple times a week, I’ve been a lot calmer in situations where I would usually start to freak out or get anxiety. Since I’ve seen such amazing results with my inner self, I really want to start doing yoga every morning. Even if it means I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier, it really makes a difference in my day.

Along with changes in my mind and thoughts, I feel so much stronger! Really, even my mom was like “what are you doing to get your arms that toned?!” I’ll admit I got kind of excited when she said that, especially since I have thin boney arms, I’m glad I’m finally starting to build muscle. It also strengthens your core amazingly, your legs, pretty much every muscle of your body.

I have also recently found a yoga studio with my mom, and her and I have started to go together every Saturday morning. Let me tell you, after I finish my class, I feel like a new person. I sweat in that class, literally!! But we also do slow moves with long breaths that literally re-charge you and relax you to the point of sleeping. When I walk out, I feel so grateful and happy to be alive, and it sounds weird but my inner thoughts just change immediately.

So as you can see, I really have nothing bad to say about yoga haha. It just takes a little time to get used to! With our world going as fast as it is, and everyone is so busy doing other things, people don’t take enough time for themselves, and when it comes time to slowing down sometimes it’s hard on people because we aren’t used to taking things slower. So if you don’t do yoga, I want you to give it a try. Maybe grab a friend or your parent and try a yoga studio. You’ll really feel a difference in yourself.



Monday Mantra: Try Something

Happy Monday beautiful people!! :) I am in SUCH a happy peppy mood and I'm really thrilled about it. Sometimes, even though I try my hardest to stay positive, I can slip into weird funks and I get upset with myself. BUT, i have to remind myself that I am human and I have emotions and its OKAY to show them, just not get caught up with them.

How was your weekend? I had a blast with my dad at the baseball game. My team ended up loosing, but it was soooo close! But i had fun daddy/daughter time :) Yesterday I kind of just chilled out around the house. I did some yoga, relaxed in the sun, and then went and saw a late movie with my mom.

But the point of this post is to start your week off right, with a nice quote! :) I have so many quotes that I love from my pinterest board that it's hard to choose just one. But this one stuck out to me because I've been pushing myself to do this for a couple of weeks now.

I know it's hard to push yourself to do something, especially when you've got no motivation to do so. Trust me, i know how you feel. But ever since I started reading these success books and listening to these motivational speakers, I saw something trending. These successful people did something everyday to push themselves closer to a goal they set. So if you want to create a successful blog, write or journal for a couple minutes everyday. Or if you want to be a better photographer, go and take pictures, of ANYTHING! Mess around with the editing software on your computer. Or if you're obsessed with makeup try doing your own makeup differently. It all makes a difference, and when you find something that you love doing it creates a spark in your mind. 

It wasn't too long ago that I was struggling to do anything I wanted. I had no motivation, and no idea what I wanted to do. But my mom kind of opened my eyes and just told me straight up, that I have to make my own choices. I can't just sit around and wait for life to happen. I, MYSELF, have to make and create MY life! That's when my mind trailed off and thought about this blog that I created and forgot, well not totally forgot but you get the idea. I got scared because I wasn't ready to start it, but after waiting a few months I finally was, and ever since then I have gotten my new camera, and I've just been doing stuff like crazy! :)

When you finally push yourself to do something, so many doors open and you open yourself to do new things. Really, even doing the little things like writing down 5 goals while you have your breakfast in the morning helps.

I hope this gives you that extra motivation for the week. I love you guys, and remember that it's okay to feel lost sometimes. It's those weird feelings that lead us to something bigger :)





I didn't think I would be absent from the blog for more than a day but it ended up turning into three or four...oopsie. This last week just got so hectic and I needed time to think about what I wanted to write about. I would rather have a couple great, honest posts than a bunch of rambles. 

Some of you may notice, but I have a newwww header! I'm actually really excited about it. I don't know if it will be permanent, well i know it definitely won't, but for now it's 100% better than what I had before haha. This week I've really been taking a lot of time into what I want to do with my blog. I'm trying to learn HTML and CSS (dear lord help me lol!). Honestly, it is a little tough, but I'm really good at all of this computer stuff, so I just need a little time and hopefully I will understand the basics of it.

I'm also going to a baseball game with my dad today, which I'm really excited about :) I don't go to these often, so when I'm able to spend time with him alone I really cherish the moments we have. 

Back to our regularly scheduled program ;)

Have a beautiful weekend!




Things I Wanna Do This Summer ☼

I really can't believe it's already halfway through June. Can you believe that? It seems like we were all waiting so anxiously for summer to come and now it's here full force. Time is going bye suuuper fast, and that scares me a bit, and that's why I wanted to create a list of things I want to do before this season is over. Summer to me is a time to be free, have endless nights, and memories that you'll never forget. 

1. Make new friends// This is an important one for me. I'm not quite sure how I'll go about doing this, but I know I want to meet people. Even over the internet and through blogging. Meeting and talking to new people makes me feel so happy and it even turns my creativity on. So, wanna be friends?! ;)

2. Work on my photography skills// Since getting my amazing new camera, I've been trying to work with the different features it offers. It can sometimes make me feel stupid because I have never really worked with a camera like this, so I really want to perfect the way I take my pictures. 

3. Re-decorate my room// I am SO excited to do this. It's actually been a loooong time since I've done anything to my room, and to be honest I've totally grown out of it. I have completely changed my taste in furniture and style, which is kind of weird to me. I used to be all about vintage, victorian, and ornate designs. Now, while I still love vintage, I'm more minimal and simple. I like a lot of whites, simple lines, and pops of color every now and then.

4. Change my hair// I've already done a post on this, but I really have to change up my hair. I just know that if I change my hair, I'll feel like a completely different person, and I need that haha. I'm growing and changing and learning so many things that I already feel different, so I need to look different!

5. Travel// This one is a no brainer. I would love to make it to California, because that place is like my second home, but I don't know if I'll be able to get there this summer. It really puts a pit in my stomach because I love that place so much. Since I might not make it there, I want to travel around my state and head up North to Sedona. It's sooooo beautiful  there, with tons of red rock mountains, forests, and creeks. I can't wait to spend a couple of nights there with my mom :)

6. Get a dark tan// Not so serious, but this is always a goal of mine for summer!! Usually I get pretty dark and my hair lightens up...ahh the signs of Summer :)

7. Upgrade my blog// This is something I've wanted to do for a little while now, but I just wasn't ready. Now I think since I'm committed to my blog and I've been learning the ins and outs to it, I'm closer to knowing what I want my blog to look like. It's so hard because I'm a picky person and I get bored of things easily so I want to make sure I can create something I'll like for a long time!

8. Meditate/Do yoga every morning// This one takes some dedication, but I'm really dedicated to both of them. Yoga isn't new for me, I've actually done it for a while, but I'm just starting to learn about meditation and what it can do for your body and mind. Really, you need to look up what it does because it's pretty amazing. I'm willing to wake up an extra 30-45 minutes earlier so I can fit this into my morning. I find that when I do yoga before I even leave my bedroom, my whole outlook on the day has changed and I feel energized and happy.

9. Bake// ooooooh how I absolutely LOVE to bake. Normally, I will bake cookie dough bites, cookies, brownies, or something like that. I usually make my creations vegan/semi vegan/gluten free too. I bake a lot, and I've gotten some really good tips and recipes down that I've made and created from scratch. Now I think it's time that I move onto some more difficult things to bake vegan/gluten free like cakes, cupcakes, and things like that. And of course I can then create some recipe posts! :)

10. Explore new hobbies// I am a very creative person, and I pretty much love a lot of different activities. From painting to writing to photography, running, swimming, baseball, baking, cooking, and pretty much creating anything in general. But as I said before in a few posts, this last year has been tough for me and my creative brain kind of shut off when I went into a sad/depressed little world. BUT, I'm over that now, well trying to push my way through, and I am READY to grow and develop my little different kind of a brain haha :) And I realize that in order to switch my brain back to 'on' I need to push myself to do those kinds of creative things.

So this is just a little tiny list of things I wanna do, I actually might post another one of like 25 things I wanna do or something, but just not as in depth. I really am excited this Summer, just to start doing things I want to do, especially since school is finally over!! 

Tell me something you want to do this summer! <3



Mini Sephora Haul ❁

Oh yes it happened. I asked my mom to drop me off at the outdoor shopping center, because it was a lovely day and I had a gift card that I was dying to spend at Sephora. As usual I walked in and wanted to go in three different directions. Believe it or not I was so confused on what to pick up. I originally planned on buying one or two things (i really dont know what I was thinking) but that thought quickly escaped my mind and I walked around the store for at least an hour and a half. First I actually made my way to the benefit area. The "They're Real!" has been getting much attention and I've never tried that mascara before, so I picked that up (i'm really excited for the gel liner pen too). I don't think I've heard anything bad about it, so I'm hopeful I'll love it.

Then I passed the Tarte stand and saw the limited edition packaging for a summer collection and immediately fell in love. This blush is a gorgeous peachy pink color, and it leaves such a beautiful glow on the skin, especially if you're tanned a bit. I like it because the color is more of a nude-y peach than a pink, and that's exactly what I've been looking for! The packaging scores major points too.

By this time I've been walking around for ages but I managed to try out the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that's made its way around the blogosphere. I have to say, I saw instant results. So I put it in my basket and went to the dreaded checkout line where there's more products to choose from! That's when I smelled the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White rollerball perfume.. Ahh guys. Literally me in a scent. I wish I could afford both spray perfumes, but I'm in the process of that haha. So for now I just picked up the Nirvana Black rollerball. As I'm writing this I actually grabbed it and rolled it on my wrists...it smells SO GOOD. 

So yeah I spent more than I wanted too but hey. I'm pretty happy with the things I walked away with and I don't feel guilty at all. Should I?! I know I'll be back soon anyway... ;)

Have you picked up anything recently?



A Dinner Out

Hi guys! A week ago, it was my friend's birthday. She was born a day after me so we always end up celebrating together haha :) Anyway, she invited me to an adorable Italian restaurant for dinner and I thought I'd share the few pics I took.

I know it was kind of weird of me to order salmon at this place, but I just wasn't in the mood for pasta that night haha. You should have seen the gigantic bowls they fill up! Besides that, it was really delicious and I had a fun time :) Sorry I didn't get more pictures of my outfit, we were rushed! And I definitely should of worn something more lightweight, it was probably 100 degrees that night, no joke! 




Summer Glitter ♡

Let me just start off by saying where has this week gone?! It's already Friday! That is insane. Actually, it's Thursday as I'm writing this but thats okay ;) Today I had a very productive day. I started the morning off with some light yoga, had my beautiful and delicious breakfast, and then caught up on a TON of blogs. While scrolling through my bloglovin' feed, I came across this post and fell in love with the makeup look. 

It was perfect timing because later today I have to go for a little drive to see my grandparents. They are leaving on a vacation for a month and they're taking my brother, so we have to drop him off, and my dad thought we might as well go to dinner since we won't see them for a while! 

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my makeup, but after seeing that post I had found my look! :)

It's pretty similar to her look. I used the same eyeshadow, Half Baked from my Urban Decay Naked palette all over the lid, and then I used a matte brown shadow called Buck (same palette) in my crease, outer v, and smudged along my bottom lashes. Instead of doing some outrageous eyeliner or anything too defined, I decided to go with more of a smokey look and use a black pencil. Any pencil will do, as long as you don't make any harsh lines!

I then piled on my mascara (as I alwayyyys do) and I went for a nude glossy lip. Pretty simple, yet soooo pretty! Sometimes I'm afraid of what glitter all over a lid will look like. I don't want to be a disco ball during the day. But this turned out nice :) It's just enough glitter to catch some light and reflect off. 

Now I need to find something to wear!! By the time you read this I will have already gone to dinner, so hopefully I find something nice ;) 

What do you think of the look?




Experimenting With My Hair

Summer is here and to me summer means change. Everyone around me seems to be changing a little something about their look, style, whatever it may be. Well I’m here to tell you I am dying, DYING to give my hairstyle a major makeover. See, my hair is very difficult to work with and style. I have so much of it, and it’s very heavy, so it basically falls flat to my head. No matter what product I use, or how I curl or dry it, it will end up looking the exact same. The problem is, my hair is on the thinner side, so that makes it even harder to hold a style.

Lately, well, since like October of last year, I’ve wanted to dye my hair. And it seems like since I’ve wanted to do that, everyone else has! All of the beauty gurus and celebrities out there have chopped inches off and dyed it every color imaginable, and I’m over here like “Well I thought of that ages ago and I did nothing about it” so now I’m kind of pissed at myself haha.

So like I said, I want to make a change. The ends of my hair are embarrassing, so I need to cut at least 4 inches to help it look healthy. Then this is the confusing part: Do I dye my entire head? Do I dye the ends and do ombre? Or do I do highlights? EVERYTHING IS SO CONFUSING! And it’s not like I have blonde hair, I have a medium hazelnut kind of color so if I was going to dye my hair I need to be quite sure of it. Cause there’s no turning back! I’ve been going back and forth with colors like pink (like Sprinkle of Glitter) purple, blue-ish turquoise, and even red. I think I’m leaning most towards pink ombre, but I reeealllly don’t wanna make a mistake. After all, I’ve never dyed my hair before so this is all a new adventure for me.

If you guys could give me any tips, advice, or input I would really appreciate it!! ;)




The Most Important Meal of the Day (maybe)

Good morning! Or good afternoon, evening, night, whenever you’re reading this. I’ll start off by saying I am a morning person. I could wake up every single day at 5:00 am when the sun rises and it probably wouldn’t bother me (actually, it’d kill me if I had to go to school). In the mornings when I wake up early, I feel like I have the most energy. Sometimes I’ll meditate or do yoga, sometimes I’ll write or jot down some ideas.

In the mornings I love to make a great breakfast. It’s something I’ve started doing recently, and it just makes me happier haha! For this post I will show you my oatmeal that I make almost every day. This isn’t what I always eat, but I could save my other meal ideas for another post (if you’d like?) :)

Usually I make regular steel-cut oats, but recently I’ve been loving quick oats. It’s so simple and fast, and a little bit of a change from the texture of regular oatmeal. First I’ll heat up some water in a pot, until little bubbles start to form. The key is to not let the water boil!! If you put the oats in right before the water really gets hot, it will turn into the perfect consistency. Then, when it thickens up after a couple of minutes, I’ll add a splash of coconut milk. Let me hear the “oooohs” and “aahhhs” and YUMS! Really, this makes it so creamy and divine. I also add a dash of cinnamon and stevia extract to sweeten it up a bit.

For toppings, usually I will always go for berries. Strawberries, blueberries...I also love to slice some banana. Mmmmmm making me so hungry even though I ate this a couple hours ago. Sometimes, I’ll heat some frozen blueberries in a little mini pot on the stove while the oatmeal is cooking, and when its done I’ll pour the blueberries over the oatmeal. IT’S AMAAZING. And no matter what topping, I’ll always add some nuts to top it off. This adds extra protein, and yumminess. Walnuts, pecans, or almonds are my go to.

So maybe this inspired you to try somethin’ new! :) I hope you enjoyed, and if you guys want I can do more recipe ideas soon! I really love to experiment with food, so expect some foodie posts in the near future ;)