Favorite Trends

Ever since I switched into my fashion class at school, I've dove right into the fashion world and I'm LOVING it. I can't believe I wasn't in this class to begin with, because it's just what I wanted and needed. My teacher is working with me one on one with what I want to learn about the fashion industry, like trends, styling, and visual design/displays. It excites me so muuuuch *squeals*

So anyway, I've been reading through tons of magazines and websites and I've come across so many upcoming trends that I'm loving and I wanted to share them with you. Which ones are your favorites? I especially love the biker jacket with high-waisted pants…lately I've been feeling like a rebel and I've wanted to change up my style drastically haha! ;)

p.s. even though I'm still absolutely depressed Christmas is over, I've been dying to layout in the sun and tan and get dark again. I really miss those summer vibes. Is it too early to be saying that!?