Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

For the longest time I have been using drugstore foundations, just because they are easy to get and they're affordable. My first foundations were from Chanel, and they were definitely worth it. But I didn't feel like asking my mom to go and buy me expensive foundation over and over again so thats why I started using my L'Oreal True Match and Maybelline. For a while I loved these brands, but it seemed like after using them for so long the formula started to change and it just wasn't sitting right on my skin anymore. I had heard so much about this Makeup Forever Foundation, but for some reason I was just afraid to purchase it, I guess because I didn't want to spend a nice amount of money on something that I couldn't use.

WELL, I was lured in at the counter in Sephora and ended up purchasing it, and let me tell you, I am sooooooo glad I did. I have the shade 117, and while it's a little light, it's still the perfect match because it has my undertones, which is hard for me to find in foundations since I am light and olive-y. When I first opened it and squeezed a pump onto my hand, I immediately thought it would be too watery and light coverage. But after I applied one layer to my face, I was actually very shocked, I even dropped my jaw haha! It covered SO well, and it evened out my skin tone with just a thin layer. I love that I didn't have to add more and feel like I have a lot on my face, because even though I like full coverage I still like my skin to feel like it's able to breathe. 

Overall, it's very easy to blend out and create a nice flawless base. I use my Sigma Flattop Kabuki brush, but I'm sure it would work just as well with your fingers or a beauty blender. It lasts alllll day long which is such a big plus for me. I remember after the first day I came home from school wearing it, and it hadn't budged. 

So I'm super pumped that I finally have this foundation in my life. Have any of you tried it, or do you consider trying it after this review?