Reflective Thoughts

As I sit here and eat my delicious banana oatmeal, all of the sudden I got the urge to write everything thats coming to me. I feel so good and grateful and happy and I just want everything to happen.

By that I mean all of my goals. Today I plan on creating and putting together my 2015 dream board, filled with everything I want to accomplish this year. I know I've been a bit quiet here on the blog, and thats because I've been confused. I want to make this a place where I LOVE to be, grow, share and create, and right now it's just not what I want it to be. 

All day everyday I've been thinking about the content I want to create, where I want to go with my life, different hobbies I want to pursue, and I've kind of felt like a jumbled mess! But right now in this moment, it came to me that it's okay to feel this way because thats what humans go through. It's hard to accept these annoying feelings sometimes, because it seems like everyone is always living the perfect moment, happy 24/7, and it's just not how it is. That's also another subject I really want to conquer this year: comparison. I've noticed that I've started to follow a lot more blogs and it's been kind of bringing me down. I keep thinking: "well I do it because she did it." And i've got to stop that. Ive been thinking about taking another social media break, because when I did that in September I felt better than ever, and when I came back it didn't feel so bad.

Anyway this is kind of ramble-y but that's whats going through my head. I hope everyone understands! I just want this to be the best place it can be :) I want this blog to grow with me as I do and be a place where I can look back on my life and just be grateful that I took on this path. I am feeling super motivated and energetic today to thats why it's kind of a deep one! ;)

Happy Sunday <3