Rainy Days☯

It's been raining like crazy the past couple of days. Last night, we had a storm where I thought my house was going to be picked up and tossed across the neighborhood, and i'm not even joking. It started getting suuuper windy, like 80mph at least, and then it started hailing too! Some of my furniture outside was picked up and thrown across my backyard, so it was a pretty freaky storm. The thunder and lightning was my favorite though, and the buckets and buckets of rain we got. I live in a desert, so this was totally unexpected.

Since my friend was over, we decided to make the most out of this beautiful storm. We both got into our pajamas and slippers and created a little tent (i know so grown up right) in my room and threw pillows and blankets on the floor. We also got some snacks and put them in pretty bowls haha! Then we got my computer and put on The Lizzie McGuire movie, since that's been our favorite since we were little :) We were so cozy and happy, and the sound of the rain totally relaxed us. 

I absolutely love doing things like this during a rain storm. And sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, I will bake some cookies too. It makes me feel so good!! I must sound like an old lady, but hey that what I like to do. Isn't it such a nice feeling to curl up in a blanket with a nice book (or your computer lol) and listen to the rain against the house? I'm never able to hear a lot of rain, but when I do I make the most of it.

What do you like to do on rainy days?