It's my birthday?!

Yep. I turned 17 yesterday. Honestly, I'm a little more scared than i am excited! No i'm still happy to be 17, but really? I don't understand where the time is going. I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and I was surprisingly not tired at all, so I just stayed up. I actually caught up on my youtube subscriptions and read some blogs for a little while!

When I walked out to the kitchen, my mom surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bunch of balloons. Ah I love her :) 

This is what I ended up wearing. It's just a basic romper, i got it at a little store/boutique in Ventura, California last summer. I was swimming earlier so that was the quickest thing to throw on! Please ignore my hair though...it definitely wasn't having a great day. *face of the day is coming soon* 

If you know me, know you that i will do anything for Persian food. So that's what we ate for dinner *insert giant smiley face emoji* The restaurant that we go to is definitely authentic food, and everyone that works there is Persian! They bring out fresh pita bread that smells heavenly, and for an appetizer the waiter will set down a big round bowl of hummus, dolmeh, tomatoes...it goes on and on. I ended up ordering a vegetarian vegetable kabob with basmati rice and hummus. I nearly finished it, and if you saw the portion sizes you would think i'm insane. but it was delicious and we had a great time :)

So being 17 is a little crazy to me, but I'm already feeling a little more grown up. I'm just so excited to finally start posting on my blog like i actually mean it. 

xx, Maddie