Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters Haul

This weekend I was feeling super spendy and while I kind of feel guilty, I really truly need new clothes. It's almost spring and I'm just starting to buy my winter seaters. Like?!! No. Thats not okay! Anyway, I got some money from Christmas, and I couldn't hold on to it anymore haha. So I spent about 2 hours walking around this new Forever 21 store they opened at my mall, and let me tell you, its huuuuge. It's kind of overwhelming at times, especially if you're not in the mood to shop. But I was and I was picking out certain pieces that I wouldn't normally gravitate towards. I've been trying to switch up my style or find what I really like, because I just feel a little lost. Sometimes I feel girly, other times I feel grunge/urban, sometimes I feel more casual…its kind of annoying! Does anyone have some tips on how to find your style? I need them desperately. 

I only picked up a few things, but as you can see they are all sweaters, besides the beanies. And they are all fuzzy too! I don't know whats with me. I'm excited to wear the fuzzy pink sweater, i think its girly but its edgy, and I think it would look good with my high leather boots and a statement necklace.

I'm new to beanies, but I have always wanted to wear them and incorporate them into my wardrobe, so I forced myself to buy some. I already wore the black one to school once and got many complements on how I looked with it, so that made me feel good! And that goes back to feeling more casual on some days.

Anytime I go shopping I always pick up a necklace or two, and I found these beautiful ones at Urban. It kills me to pay a little more, but cmon they are gorgeous!! And I love the one with the crescent moon, that is my absolute favorite symbol.

Well this ended up being longer than expected haha! Hope you don't mind :-) How would you style these pieces??