First Day of Senior Year: Check ✔


 (i'm excited okay lol)

Well I made it through the first day!! Honestly it went better than I thought, which is good. I met some really nice people and saw a few of the same faces throughout the day which made me feel more at ease. This new school cannot even compare to my other one. Everyone here is just so different. The girls are friendlier and they don't care about what you look like; it's so refreshing. It's not like a regular high school where it's a constant contest on looks and popularity. I'm really really excited to get to know the kids here.

So today I had my dance class and it was sooooooo interesting and thrilling. We already know when we are performing (ahhh!) and that gave me the chills. Just knowing that I'm finally getting to do what I want to do is so satisfying, you know? It just shows that if you really want something bad enough and you believe in yourself anything can happen. So far what has happened to me has opened my eyes even more to be grateful and thankful all the time. It really changes things!

I also had my Literary class and Creative Writing. The creative writing seemes super fascinating. I already have a different perspective on words and stories. The teacher is really chill and laid back but he is extremely intelligent and caring and I cant wait to start learning from him :)

My mom picked me up when school was done and she surprised me with a bouquet of white roses and a beautiful card :) She almost made me cry because all of this change is what I have been wanting for so long, and to see it come to life is emotional for me lol. We both cried in the morning when she dropped me off too, haha I know we are so lame!!

I'm so glad today went well. Tomorrow I go to my other 3 classes for the first time and I know it will be great. 

Have any of you guys started school yet?