Setting Sun

Lately, I've been so awestruck and taken back by the sunset. Even if I catch two minutes of it, my mind and body feel electrified and recharged. Standing on cold grass, feeling the warmth of the setting sun, while capturing the view of a hot pink and tangerine sky. It's invigorating. Especially after a long, stressful day, nothing is better than watching a sunset. The special part is when it goes dark, and the sky goes purple, then the black silhouettes of trees and mountains come into view. I always get the urge to take a thousand pictures, because none of them ever look the same. This time of day is perfect for reflection, to give gratitude, and visualize abundance for yourself. It's such a special few moments, to ground yourself with your soul and the earth. So the next time the sun sets, take the time to enjoy it for yourself :)