Bohemian Mood Board

For the past I don't know week or so, I've been reaaaally into the whole bohemian vibe/style…I've been doing a lot more yoga which causes me to get closer to myself and my thoughts, and for some reason I've been changing a lot haha! Might sound weird but I feel like when I do yoga, I get more connected to who I really am, without comparing myself to everyone else, especially on social media and blogs. Sometimes I forget what I really like, you know? My whole life, and especially being a teenager, I've always been into this bohemian style. The stacked bracelets, lace, light flowy clothes, gorgeous dewy makeup, i LOVE it. All of these pictures are what have been going through my mind lately, and I love how it turned out :) I really want to get those gold temporary tattoos, have any of you tried them?? I think once I get tan enough (which might take a while) I think i'll try some because they are gorgeous. Which reminds me, I'm really missing summer…like a lot. I think I'm over feeling like a frozen human all the time, and the dark cold mornings…am I right?!

I hoop everyone is having a great February so far!! When did that happen?!