iPhone Life

1// Feeling joyous

2// Winter nails (essie a list)

3// First chilly day calls for a sweater and boots!

4// A pretty rose in my school garden

5// Rainy mornings <3

6// Soup and sushi with mom

7// Yummy breakfast of almond butter and blueberries on toasted raisin bread

8// Piling on everything from the whole foods salad bar

I want to do more of these, they're fun haha! Just a peek into my daily life from my iPhone ;) This week went bye fairly quickly. It was my moms birthday on wednesday so I bought her balloons and flowers, and surprised her with a few gifts. We also went out to dinner and I got her a beautiful fruit tart :) Now I am trying my hardest to decorate the house and my bedroom for Christmas…so far I have my white fairy lights up around my window, a mini christmas tree, and some other little knick knacks. But thats about it! Besides getting through school also ;) 

What are you guys up to this weekend? We have a family friend coming in so hopefully we will do something fun together since I haven't seen her in YEARS.