Experimenting With My Hair

Summer is here and to me summer means change. Everyone around me seems to be changing a little something about their look, style, whatever it may be. Well I’m here to tell you I am dying, DYING to give my hairstyle a major makeover. See, my hair is very difficult to work with and style. I have so much of it, and it’s very heavy, so it basically falls flat to my head. No matter what product I use, or how I curl or dry it, it will end up looking the exact same. The problem is, my hair is on the thinner side, so that makes it even harder to hold a style.

Lately, well, since like October of last year, I’ve wanted to dye my hair. And it seems like since I’ve wanted to do that, everyone else has! All of the beauty gurus and celebrities out there have chopped inches off and dyed it every color imaginable, and I’m over here like “Well I thought of that ages ago and I did nothing about it” so now I’m kind of pissed at myself haha.

So like I said, I want to make a change. The ends of my hair are embarrassing, so I need to cut at least 4 inches to help it look healthy. Then this is the confusing part: Do I dye my entire head? Do I dye the ends and do ombre? Or do I do highlights? EVERYTHING IS SO CONFUSING! And it’s not like I have blonde hair, I have a medium hazelnut kind of color so if I was going to dye my hair I need to be quite sure of it. Cause there’s no turning back! I’ve been going back and forth with colors like pink (like Sprinkle of Glitter) purple, blue-ish turquoise, and even red. I think I’m leaning most towards pink ombre, but I reeealllly don’t wanna make a mistake. After all, I’ve never dyed my hair before so this is all a new adventure for me.

If you guys could give me any tips, advice, or input I would really appreciate it!! ;)