Family Festivities

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day off (i'm pretty sure this is only in the states though...) I've been busy with my new camera (eeeep!!) Yes you read that right: I finally FINALLY got my the camera i have been wanting for ages. It's the Canon rebel t3i. Literally I cannot contain my excitement. My dad and I went to Best Buy yesterday and I spotted it within seconds of walking in the store. Since it's a holiday weekend, it came with a special package, so I also got this amazing lens to come with it for 50% off too. I was soooooo excited :)

After coming home I basically ripped the box open and got straight to figuring out the contraption. I know it's daunting at first but I'm good with technology, so I know I'll figure out all of the functions soon. I didn't have much time before I had to get ready to leave, my family and I were going to see more family that we hadn't seen in a while, so I thought, why not bring my new camera?! ;)

I only got a couple of shots because the battery wasn't fully charged and, if I have to be honest, i deleted a bunch because I still don't think i'm that great at it yet. But no worries, im definitely learning haha. Ps this took about two hours to finish because the software that came with the camera decided not to work with the operating system i have on my computer!! Don't worry i fixed it ;)

I know these pictures aren't that great but it's just a little snapshot of what I saw while i visited my family. We had a delicious fruit tart, and we sat outside and saw those beautiful mountains. 

I hope you had a beautiful weekend too! <3

xx, Madison

*i also changed my blog name, i just wasn't liking what i had, and for future purposes I just decided to go with my name*