Currently Loving: My favorite bracelet

This is just a quick little post i felt like writing..Recently, I have been wearing a certain bracelet every single day. I really love it a lot, especially because it means something special to me.

My mom bought this for me after she saw me eyeing it in a little boutique. We know the designer of it, so that just made me want it even more! I saw my mom sneak away with it, and i think she might of thought i didn't see her. hehehe. 

Well, long behold i found it in my Easter basket :) i was so excited. but enough of that, I want to tell you what it means. This bracelet was made from Lapis, turquoise, clay beads, and swarovski crystal. It's called "Lord of Success" and it was also blessed. It protects, removes obstacles, gives knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. The elephant is a symbol of courage, strength, luck and longevity. The Lapis is protection and psychic awareness. 

To tell you the truth, I feel stronger when I wear this. It calms me and gives me a good feeling. So, that's why I've been wearing it! It's a little different than what I would usually wear or pick out, but after looking at it, I do think it's beautiful.

Do you have any interesting jewelry items?

xx, Madison