Face of the Day

I'm somebody who could literally wear 50 pounds of makeup and not care or wear no makeup at all and not care. For my birthday, I wanted to look pretty but without packing on a ton. you get what I'm saying? i hope so. I did my regular foundation and concealer routine, but since I'm getting darker and darker (yayyyyy summer!) i've had to bronze up my face a bit more until i get the right foundation shade. My favorite bronzer is "hoola" by benefit of course! It's perfect for when I'm as pale as a vampire or a little darker like I am now :) 

I never fill in my brows, as they are already pretty dark and bushy...i need to get them waxed or plucked pretty soon now haha. I wanted to do a shimmery pink on my eyes, to match my skin tone too. So i went with my maybelline quad in "coral chic" and used those colors around my eye lid. The highlight color in the quad has amazing pigmentation and did its job right! 

Then I took "dark horse" from my naked 1 palette and put it on the outer third of my eye, since the color in the quad wasn't dark enough for me. After that I just blended and blended and blended (really thats the key here). And like I do most days, I line my eyes with the L'oreal Voluminous smouldering eye pencil. I don't have anything to say about that bad boy, it never fails me. Then for lashes I curl them, and pack on the mascara. Seriously this is my most important step. I do at least 2 coats every time haha. On recommendation from one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus Nicole Guerriero, I use the L'oreal Voluminous Original. 

So that was my face on day one of being 17 :) 

xx, Maddie