Girl Crush: Ariana Grande ♡

Okay, so recently Ariana Grande has been crazy busy. From traveling to the UK and doing press for her new TV series Sam&Cat. If you haven't heard of her yet (where have you been?!), she is a 20 year old TV actress turned world famous singer, known for her Mariah Carey vocals. 

I started obsessing over her about a year ago. I dunno, something about her just really seems to connect with me. She is very spiritual, just like I am, and she isn't afraid of what people think about her or what she does, which is a trait I like very strongly in people!

I always love the editing she does on her photos. Does anyone know what apps she uses?

Getting to the style side of things: Can we just stare in awe at these photos!? Ari (I feel like I'm best friends with her when I call her that, hehe) knows exactly what to wear at any given moment, and she looks great in any picture. 

I also want to address another thing: her weight. Yes, indeed she is a very tiny thing for a 20 year old. BUT, she has said many many times that she does not have any sort of eating problem. She has simply cut out bad food, and replaced it with the best of the best healthy food. I can understand this because I did this a year ago, and I lost all of my baby weight and cured my acne. In a tumblr post here and here, she stated that she exercises everyday and eats a lot of food every 2-4 hours!! YES THIS WORKS. I eat like this 6-7 times a day. You might think you will gain weight, but it does the exact opposite. I will do another post on this, just because this is about Ariana, and things can get very long lol :)

Well anyway that wraps up one of my girl crushes lol. Do any of you like her? Who are some of your girl crushes?

xx, Maddie