Monday Mantra ☮

Happy Monday beautiful people!! I hope you had a nice weekend :) I was able to write a lot and get some of my creative ideas transferred into my journal..Lately I've been taking more me time and less time on social media..which can be tough because having a blog and youtube channel (soon!!) requires hours of time on the internet. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to read blogs and get inspiration through the internet, and sometimes I find myself sitting in one place for hours and hours...oops haha. Anyway, it's always good to just unplug, even for a day, or a couple of hours at least. It really helps to get back to life right now in the moment, and believe it or not that's sometimes when I get some really good ideas :)

SO, I want to share a new little series on the blog called "Monday Mantra." I am a person who lives by quotes, and if you don't believe me just look at my Silver Lining pinterest board ;) In the mornings or especially before I go to bed, I love to read a couple of really nice quotes or sayings. It leaves me wondering and happier in general.

When I read this it really stuck with me. Over the past year, I have struggled with being happy with myself, my life, school, you name it. Typical teenage girl problems. It's hard to explain, but on some days I'll be really happy and positive about life, and on others I'll want to curl up in a ball, eat chocolate and cry. Crying is good for the soul, but not every single day. I'll admit it, last year I probably cried once a day. And i'm not even exaggerating. It's just something I dealt with, and a big part of this "depression" i had was fear. Fear of putting myself into the world. I was afraid to walk into a beautiful little stationary store to pick up a job application. I know right? But I thought way too much into things. Like, "what if I'm not a good enough employee?" "What if I can't help a costumer the right way?" "What if they ask me to do a couple of things at once and I can't handle it?" These questions went around my head 300 miles per hour and I couldn't get myself to shut up. Not to mention, I am a very mature person for my age with amazing grades, and I was putting myself down terribly. 

This went on for about 6 months, and I never got the job. Well, I never returned the application. I don't regret it, because right now I'm babysitting and earning good money, so I can't worry about what "would have happened." Life doesn't work out that way. If something doesn't go the way you originally planned, let it go. You have to let yourself bloom the way you're meant to. Getting back to the quote, you can't always think too far into the future. Sure, it's always good to plan some things out in advance, but people change. Heck, if I knew I was starting a blog and a youtube channel 4 or 5 years ago, I would of laughed and not really understand it. People who don't worry about the future find what they love to do easier. It's just something as simple as watching your favorite movie or going to a sewing class. You eventually find what you love to do, and you can create something out of it :) Like me and writing, photography, fashion...i created this little space. And i can't wait for it to grow ♡

And once you "blossom", the rest just falls into place ☼

I hope you guys like this new series and I can't wait to share more with you!

xx, Maddie