Make A Statement

A week or so ago I went to the mall, and I might add I DROVE myself there. Alone. Just me and my dad’s car. I have to say it was a very thrilling experience and it was one of those moments where I felt like an adult, and there was something so cool about that moment. I remember when I was younger daydreaming about driving myself places, and now that that moment is finally here it made me reflect on how much I’ve grown and changed over the years. Its crazy that it’s almost time for me to start thinking about buying my own apartment.

Anyway lets stop getting emotional and reflective and actually get on with this post haha! So after I excitedly got out of my car and congratulated myself on arriving at the mall, I walked into forever 21 looking for dainty simple necklaces. They ended up not having any which surprised me, but they did have 2 beautiful statement necklaces, which are pictured above. I don’t have many of these, so I thought it would be good to add a couple to my jewelry collection. I have been wearing both of them like crazy and getting compliments every time. I love that I can throw them on with any outfit and it instantly looks like I tried 10 times harder.

The two simpler necklaces I purchased at PacSun. I love this store for their jewelry because it’s so cute and boho-ish. I wanted to get a few bracelets but ended up feeling guilty and put them back haha. I especially like the necklace with the hansa hand and elephant, because I connect with those symbols spiritually :)

What kind of jewelry are you loving into the fall season?