August Favorites

So after not doing a July Favorites I was really anxious to do this post haha. Honestly time is flying bye so fast I feel like im forgetting a couple of things, so hopefully I’m not! August was a whirlwind for me. I started my new school and went through a lot of different emotions and feelings within a couple of weeks, which is always draining for me. Over the last few days though I realized that I am SO lucky to have parents like I do, and the fact that they have been sticking with me through everything I’ve gone through makes me feel so loved and special. I’m going to admit, sometimes I do act like a brat or I scare myself too easily over silly situations, but I can say I am genuinely happy with my life right now. I know I said in a post I was second guessing myself on going to this new school, but now I think I know that I made the right decision. And I can’t just expect to like everything right away, I mean I’ve barely been in school for a month. So I’m really glad that I’m in a better place mentally, because when I’m in a better place everyyything always goes better haha!

Anyway onto my favorites ;)

Aztec Leggings// I’ve literally worn these for three days in a row no joke. They can go with so many different shirts and jewelry, it makes it so easy to create numerous outfits. And they’re sooo soft! I purchased these at Forever 21 :)

Maybelline “Sin-A-Mon”//Oh boy you guys are probably sick of hearing about this from me haha! But I’ve been wearing this gorgeous mauve color on my lips everyday, even as I’m writing this right now. It doesn’t budge and its that perfect 90’s color everyone is obsessed with.

Gold Statement Necklace// Usually I don’t wear short statement necklaces like this, but after wearing it once I fell in love with it. When I put it on it instantly makes my outfit look like I tried harder than I did, so sneaky ;) I also purchased this at Forever 21

L’Oreal Infallable Super Slim Liner// Recently I’ve been wanting to wear really dark eye makeup, not because I’m sad or anything, but I’ve been loving the way it looks on bloggers and on other people. I’ve seen so many different pictures on pinterest too, you know the metallic eye with the dark crease and smoky outer corner? Ugh I love it! I’ve been adding a wing too, which I might add I’m getting quite good at from all the practice haha. This eyeliner is perfect to use. It’s so easy to just draw the wing and fill it in!

Leave a comment telling me some of your favorites; I would love to try new products of course haha! ;)