Social Media Break

So for the past two months I've taken a break from social media. Meaning I haven't checked twitter or instagram ONCE! This is a very big deal for me because I was kind of addicted to it, badly. As soon as I would open my eyes after my alarm went off, I would reach right for my phone and check twitter, then instagram, and maybe pinterest. I would go on with my day and check it periodically. And then before I went to bed (meaning lying under my covers in the dark) I would scroll endlessly for over an hour before I even shut my eyes. I noticed that I was starting to not even care what I was reading, but I was just addicted to checking the apps. So without even making it a goal or anything, I just stopped checking it for good. And surprisingly, it didn't phase me at all. Since August 17th, I haven't checked twitter or instagram up until today, and I'm not even upset or agitated by it. I feel like I haven't really missed out on anything and it's helped me to realize I won't die without these sites!

Basically, I was able to wake up more peacefully, and have an extra 30 minutes or so to do something else, in my case meditate and do yoga before I exercise in the morning. And before bed, I make a nice cup of warm tea now and grab a magazine or a book and get inspired that way. And I LOVE it. Even though I want to be a blogger and social media is a part of the job, it's always nice to take a cleanse and realize what's most important. 

So I think I want to check my feeds regularly again, but not the way I was before, because you know I still like to keep up to date with the people I follow! ;) And if you're not totally addicted instagram and twitter are very creative and inspiring apps, especially to us writers/bloggers/designers.

Have you ever gone on a 'social media cleanse?'