Current Fall Nighttime Routine

Lately every night, after I finish all of my chores, homework and social media surfing I take a nice hot shower, cozy up into my bed and pick a magazine to read out of the stack i have on my desk. It's been SO relaxing and catching up on all the latest trends and reports (especially all of the september issues) is very satisfying haha. I also brought my bath and body works "pumkpin cupcake" candle out after months of being stuck in my closet and it smells divine. While I sit in bed and sip on my tea, i like my room to be dimly lit. It makes it feel so much more cozy and calm, just me? haha.

Sometimes I'll read magazines, sometimes blogs, or sometimes I'll write. I really suggest every person to do this before going to bed because it kind of frees your mind of the hundreds of thoughts that swirl around your brain as you try to go to sleep. It's definitely works for me most nights! 

Right now I can't help but think of the butternut squash my mom is going to cook later...mmmmm I love fall haha! ;)

What does your fall nighttime routine look like at the moment?