Inspirational Work Space

I've really been wanting to spruce up my desk area in my room. Well, I guess I could say I never finished it because since I started school I kind of pushed decorating my room to the side. I have had the vision of hanging a metal board or a cork board up so i could create my own inspiration boards/mood boards. I love the idea of hanging photos up because it gets my creativity flowing, and it looks aesthetically pleasing to me haha :) Personally, I like the simple lines of shelves and lines, but I also like to add pops of color, like in the photos above. All of these pictures are from my Pinterest board, which i am dangerously addicted to! I also love to have stacks of magazines either on my desk or creating a tower on the ground, it gives off such a cool vibe to me. 

What kind of work spaces do you like to work in?