Autumn Nail Choices

Yeeeeees. Honestly I have never been more excited for Autumn. Even though Summer is one of my favorite seasons, I just can't help but think of cozy sweaters, warm fuzzy socks and blankets and spending cold nights in watching movies with hot chocolate haha :) It's still summer weather where I live, and probably will be for another two months but hey I can imagine I live somewhere else ;)

Every year I come back to these same colors for my nails. I especially like the dark blues and reds personally, but I know other colors like nude and olive are trending this year too, which I want to try out. Essie's 'after school boy blazer' is always a color that I get compliments on when I wear it, so that shade is a popular one. The red color up there is just a polish I picked up from Forever 21 like a year ago, and I have to say for $1.50 the quality is amazing. The color stays on for longer than 5 days and it doesn't chip or anything, so bonus points for them! 

The other two colors are Nails Inc. 'Baker Street' and Essie's 'mamba'. Both of these colors look fabulous with tanned or pale skin. Speaking of pale skin, that's something I'll be rocking this season haha! Sadly I've lost my summer glow but for the colder months I absolutely LOVE the way pale skin looks with the dark colors of makeup and clothes. Ugh I can't take it. 

What kind of nail polish will you be wearing during the Fall season?