Merry Christmas!

Merrrrrrrrry Christmas everyone!!! I seriously can't believe its here already. And 2015 is six days away…honestly insane. 

I hope everyone has an amazing day filled with joy and cheer and happiness :) It's been a long year full of confusion and craziness, but when it comes down to it all none of those feelings matter. Its all in the past and now its time to enjoy ourselves with our loved ones…

I remember when I was little, I would always be soooo excited to get gifts on Christmas, and honestly being a little kid who wasn't haha! But as I've gotten older, getting gifts really is the last thing I'm excited about. Decorating the house, the tree, baking christmas cookies with my mom, those are the best feelings in the world, and I'm trying to cherish them as much as i can because it's one of my last holidays living at home as crazy as it sounds. 

So I hope everyone has an amazing day, and you relax and enjoy yourself!! I love you guys :)

Merry Christmas xoxo