Counting Down

There's only 8 more nights until Christmas morning.

I only have 2 more final tests to take.

Which means only two more days of school.

Which means I will finally be on Christmas break.

Which means I can do whatevvvverrr I want!

These last few days have been crazy. I can't wait until everything slows down and I can finally enjoy wintertime and the Christmassy feeling in the air.

Oh and did I mention I haven't done any Christmas shopping?

Nope. Not one gift. I mean honestly?!

But school has been going good. I have a little group of friends now, which I can't believe. The one girl that asked to walk with me during lunch introduced me to her friends and now we sit together and talk. It really has changed my time there a lot, I feel happier and everything. So that's good :)

What is everyone up to? I feel so out of the loop.

I think I might make a batch of cookies and some tea and try to relax.