What I Got For Christmas 2014

As I said in an earlier post, I'm definitely feeling the post Christmas blues. Our Christmas tree is even looking a little brown and crispy which makes me even sadder haha. We're gonna try and keep it for as long as we can, but i don't think it will be long before the ornaments start to fall off!

Anyway, I'm writing this to share what I got for Christmas, if the title didn't already give it away ;) This year I actually wasn't even going to create a Christmas list. I feel like every year as I've gotten older, I haven't felt the need to ask for much..I don't know why but thats just whats happening. I'm currently redecorating my room, so that was part of my present anyway. I asked my mom if I could get all new furniture from IKEA and other stores and just some shopping money, and she said thats fine if you're okay with that, and I am! My mom just felt bad because she wanted me to have presents to open under the tree, and I get it. It's always nice to have some gifts to open, but that doesn't really matter to me anymore. If I get to pick out things I want, that is completely fine with me. So today, my mom and I are headed to IKEA to purchase the pieces I want and I'm soooo excited :) I've wanted to do this for months and I'm so glad I finally get to do it. 

Along with the furniture, my mom also got me some really cool acrylic storage bins for my makeup and desk area, which I'm obsessed with. She also got me a fluffy pillow to go with the other new pillows on my bed, and an amaaaazing (faux) fur throw/blanket and it keeps me so so warm haha. I wasn't expecting this, but she also gave me 3 sephora gift cards, and I'm not gonna lie I did let out a tiny squeal when I opened them. I can't wait to go and spend them!

I got other little things like a really nice yoga mat, workout clothes, a beautiful Paris 2015 calendar, the updated Teen Vogue Handbook, my favorite chocolate, new pjs..and something my mom does every year is make us "coupons" or little pieces of paper with certain things like "Good for a shopping trip" and "good for new shoes". I got a couple of those which made me super happy. As I've gotten older, my mom doesn't know my style very well so she can't get me clothes or shoes anymore, so that's what she started doing haha!

So as you can see its sort of all about my room this year, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I got some really cute amazing gifts, and now I get to put my room together! So I'm really thankful and happy, I had such a great Christmas.

What are some of the things you received? Or your favorite present? I don't think I can choose, but probably being able to buy the things I want from IKEA :)