Social Media

I've really been getting into Twitter and Instagram lately. Don't even ask me about Pinterest, I could  scroll on that for hours haha! But I want to know more about what people think of Twitter and Instagram. There are so many blog posts stressing how important it is for bloggers to stay connected through social media, and I'm just wondering how many actually do. There are days where you can't get me off of the internet, but some days I feel like its all fake, you know? It's not like how it used to be, where you can genuinely make new friends. Now it's more like "I'll follow your blog if you follow mine" and that drives me insane. 

Does anyone else feel the same way? On instagram, I'll be scrolling through some of my favorite accounts, and all the comments say are "like for like" "first" "follow back". I mean seriously! These social platforms are meant to help and create. Now it's all turned into a competition to see who can get more followers or likes. It truly makes me sad and I wish I could change it.

Now that I have my iPhone, I'm really making it a priority to make my twitter and instagram accounts nice and fitted to me. I want to put out genuine content and meet real, genuine people. I think it would be so cool to connect with different bloggers around the world. Wouldn't it? I've tried to join some of those blogger chats, but they are on a completely different time zone than me so it's so difficult to do. But one of the big reasons I started blogging was to make friends. I LOVE to chat with people who have some of the same interests as me, like many people do. So I think getting to know people through social media is awesome. It's important to me and I don't want fake people to troll my accounts either. But, i guess thats what comes with it nowadays so I shouldn't complain. 

What do you think about social media today?