Sweater Weather

Yayyy! It's my favorite time of year again...FALL! How many of you absolutely LOVE Fall and everything that has to do with it? Because I know I do. I already bought two new candles from Bath & Body Works. YUM. And I've put little glass pumpkins on my desk and dresser. Yes I'm addicted. But here is another amazing part of fall: the sweaters!! 

 Adorable, chic, and perfect for the season. The touch of animal print is genius!

Love the preppy feel with this sweater. It's a perfect look when you're on the go! Adding a bright lip in a hurry makes it look like you had a ton of time to get ready. Sneaky!!

Ahh, my favorite color: White!! I love the way this has little peep-holes throughout it. Having the dark oxblood colored nails and black bag totally scream fall (or winter!). You could either add a large statement necklace or a little dainty one. I would even wrap an infinity scarf around my neck!

Eeep! This is my favorite look. Adding a hat with this oversized sweater is so cozy looking. I would love to rock this at the beach or at a bonfire in my backyard late at night.

What are your favorite looks?

P.S. Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been trying to get a job, but I will be posting regularly now!

xx, Maddie