Desk Inspiration

Recently, I have been staring at my desk space. As much as I love my antique vanity, it's not really working for me. So far, I cleared everything off the "desk" part of it and now I'm stumped. I bought a few candles from bath and body works and set them on top, but otherwise that's it, along with another antique lamp. So here are a couple of my favorite office spaces that have been inspiring me!

                   I love this desk. The gold and white is so simple and so feminine.

Ahhh! The rose gold phone and the magenta flowers!! I. need. this.

Now how can you not love working here? The lanterns with the gold leaves against the natural light gives it a cozy warm effect. I would be so inspired in this workspace.

Okay. My favorite setup of all. This is what I need my inspiration board needs to look like! Messily organized and crazy chic. And again, I love the white in the background.

What is your favorite desk inspiration?

xx, Maddie