Wish List

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! :) I hope everyone had a great weekend. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about different products that everyone is raving about. I thought, hmmmmm I need these products in my life!! Hahaha. So I put together a little list of must-have products that I really really need. (Yes I need them!!)

Can you believe it? I don't have these fantastic palettes...yet! Ever since joining YouTube and seeing how many different looks can be created with these bad boys, I haven't stopped thinking about them. I recently went into Sephora and gazed at them, literally for 10 minutes. But, being the money saver I am, I wasn't about to go spend $100 on two makeup palettes. So, I put them on my wish list :)

Ahh look at all these pretty colors!! Have any of you ever tried NYX products before? Everyone is talking about these butter glosses, and I must say I am dying to try them. I bought the NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette and absolutely love it. It makes your makeup look so, well, natural and effortless! You should definitely try it. 

Yes, the beloved HOOLA bronzer! I tested this on my cheeks at Sephora, and I was so surprised. Even though it doesn't look dark in the pot, it makes you glow! This is a perfect product for the colder months, where everyone seems to loose all their color they worked so hard to achieve over Summer!

These brushes are not getting the attention they deserve. If any of you haven't heard of them, they are called Sigma brushes, and THEY ARE THE HOLY GRAIL OF BRUSHES. YouTube beauty gurus such as Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero rave about these brushes. I am yet to get my hands on them, but after the reviews they have gotten, I cannot wait to use them. People are getting rid of their MAC brushes and completely replacing them with these! Shown above is the Premium Kit. It comes with 15 brushes, and get this, it's only $164!! That's like less than $10 a brush! And you can also get their brushes separately for outstanding prices. I still don't understand why they haven't really gotten the attention they deserve!

Well, this is my little wish list for Fall, haha! What are some of the items you're looking to receive?

Have a great day :)

xx, Maddie