Getting Inspirational

Happy Wednesday everyone :-) How is your week going so far? Today I finished up my last couple of tests for my school classes ( I take lessons online, loving it!) and so now I'm on my Fall break until October 7th. Nice little time off huh? So in the spare time that I have, I wanted to create some inspiration boards, because let me just say it, they really do inspire me. When I look at pictures, my mind starts racing, and thats when I'm able to really create things! Here are a few pictures of inspiration boards I thought looked SO cool:

I love the look of having multiple boards with different themes to each. Definitely going to try this in my room!

Okay, this one is a little crazy, but I LOVE it. The variety of colors and textures just screams at me.

I want this so badly!! How awesome would it be to have chalk board drawings around an inspiration board? I want to try and convince my mom to let me paint just one wall in my bedroom...but that isn't turning out very well!! 

Not only do I love the tiny frames around some of the pictures, but I also love that this is behind a computer, so when you're doing work, you become inspired! That is initially where I am going to set up my inspiration "area". I spend most of my time in my room at my antique desk doing school work or reading your lovely blogs, so that's where I intend to hang my pictures :)

I hope all of you are inspired and you create your own inspiration boards too!
Have a wonderful day :-)

xx, Maddie