A little life update ☯

Hey guys! I hope you're having a great start to the week :) My life has been a littttlee hectic so I thought I would just fill you guys in on what's going on.

Okay basically, for the last year, I've been doing online school. For the most part I liked it, and there is really nothing to complain about. I've gotten ahead with my classes, and it gives me a pretty flexible schedule. I mean, I'm literally able to do whatever I want or go where ever I want everyday, which is amazing. The thing is, I thought it would've of made me a lot happier as a person, but it truly hasn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely in a much better spot mentally than I was 12 months ago, but I still don't feel 'right.' Being at home everyday for school, it can get really draining. Unless you have something planned, you don't leave the house, and this isn't something I really put a lot of thought into. For the first two months, it really wasn't that bad. It kind of felt like summer vacation. But after that, I started to get depressed and lonely, because my mom started her own business and created work for her to do outside of the house. And both of my brothers go to public school, so I was home alone allllll the time. And it started to bother me. I wanted to get a job, but that's a loooong story and we'll just keep it at that haha.

Anyway, it's a year later and my mom brought up a high school that she found through a friend. I would only go here for a year, since this is my last year (god that makes me cringe). It's an arts school, so it specializes in dance, theater, painting/drawing, film making, graphic design, photography, fashion, and basically anything artsy you can think of. Well when my mom told me this i started crying in her arms, because it's something I've been wishing for. A school to learn about what I love and live for. 

So me and my mom got in contact with the head of the school, and I'm scheduled to tour the school in two days. AND, registration for the school is already closed, so if they accept me, it is basically fate that I'm supposed to go to this school. I mean, how crazy is that? I'm just a little anxious because I have never been to a school like this, and it's my last year, so I would be kind of like the newbie in a sea of professionals. I guess I shouldn't worry about it because I would hope I'm happy at this school, but who the heck knows! I have had SUCH a hard time deciding whether I should go there or not...Because if I stayed with online school, I would take classes at a college campus also and get college credits, and get a job. And depending on how much time I would have free if I went to the other school, I would still want to get a job, too...I mean I just have no idea. Please give me some of your thoughts here!! 

So that's a little spot of my school life, I also have some family coming up to stay with us for a few days, but that shouldn't stop me from blogging ;) It's also my brother's birthday this weekend, so I think we'll be doing a little something to celebrate that also. Busy busy busy!

I'm also in need of a haircut desperately. I need to get at least 3 or 4 inches off, and yes that's kind of a lot for me but I want a major change. *Like adding purple major change lol*

I hope everything is going great in your life, and let me know in the comments what you've been up to :)