White Space

There is just something so intriguing to me about white space. Simple colors, simple lines. Even though the setting is incredibly monotone, it gives the viewer freedom to imagine something greater. Using white as a main color allows for someone to do absolutely anything with the room. 

For me, I love to stick with black and white. It's so classy, and it's always in style. Adding pops of bright colors like cobalt blue or soft pastels make for a totally different vibe. This is the kind of color scheme I will want in my own home or apartment when I move out, and it's funny that I'm obsessed with it now because a couple years ago I absolutely hated it. Isn't it weird how we can change so much in such little time?

I'm intrigued to know if any of you like this sort of style. Or do you prefer more vibrant main colors and softer accents? Let me know your thoughts!