Big Changes Coming ☼

Well. Here I am with another update. So yesterday, my mom and I went to the school I was considering switching to for a little tour. There were a couple other kids and their mom/dad with them too. When we got there I guess I could say I was a little nervous, but I was actually pretty confident and okay with everything. The person who was giving the tour was the dean, or the principle, and she seemed really nice. 

Anyway, the school isn't like a regular school. This school focuses on the arts, so dance, film, art, theater, music, painting, etc. There's no cafeteria, and there's only a few classrooms. Everything else is music rooms, dance studios, a stage. It's kind of crazy but totally cool. As I was walking around the school I was making up scenarios in my head of what it would be like to actually go there. I have to admit, I was getting pretty excited. I mean, this is what I have asked for for over a year, and here it finally came to me, like a gift from above. And I don't mean to get weird, but I have seriously prayed for something like this to come to me. I'm just not somebody who is cut out for a regular high school scene. I'm more into creating and using my brain for the better, and I want to study what I'll be doing later in life, not wasting time in a math class shoving useless information into my brain.

So when the tour was over, me and my mom walked out of the building and we both start crying. Honestly, I couldn't even catch my breath. We both know that this school is meant for me, just because it's everything I'm about, and I've had such weird messed up high school years anyway. Like, this is my 3rd school in four years!! I never thought I would say that but I guess everything happens for a reason. And i have to say I'm really excited for it to start. It's definitely going to be a change from what I've been doing for the last year, but that's what I prayed for. I prayed to be super busy, to meet friends, to go and learn things like dance and theater and graphic design. And it all fricken came to me and I just can't get over it.

Me and my mom hugged and then we laughed. Lol we're both excited. Like, my life is finally gonna start. She said she and my dad want to get me a car, and I about died when she said that. I still have to get my license, but that will be a piece of cake. Then I'll be able to drive myself to school every morning, and then back home a couple hours later. And since it's my last year I also get out earlier, so I don't have to go all day, which is a huuuuge bonus. I'm really hoping to get a job too, because I need to start making and saving money. Ahhhh this is making me excited :)

So it was kind of big day for me yesterday! I'm moving to another school and essentially changing my life haha :) Of course I'm nervous, but I have total faith in myself and this school. So, I'll definitely keep you guys updated with new news. Leave any questions down below :)