So I think I found a new obsession: doodling. But especially with the fine-point black sharpies. Am I the only one that finds it so satisfying to draw with those? They make the most perfect, smooth lines and even if you mess up you can create something out of it. I started looking up pictures on pinterest and google to just mess around, but then I found myself sitting in the exact same spot for 3 hours trying to perfect a drawing! It was crazy. A couple nights ago I even forgot to eat dinner, that's how intensely I was into it.

And for those who don't know, I also have an attachment to the yin-yang symbol, don't ask me why. But ever since I can remember, probably since the 3rd grade, I've always loved it. I even have a chocker necklace that's very tumblr looking haha. So I looked up a picture to doodle and 2 hours later that's what I finished. The calligraphy I did actually surprised me, because I've wanted to learn calligraphy for ages now, and seeing that I actually have a chance of being okay at it makes me happy! 

I'm gonna try and doodle my own ideas, because it's kind of boring to always copy something. I've been doing at least one sketch a day, and I find it's making me think a lot more clearly, kind of like I used to when I was painting and playing the piano. Man I really need to get into that again. 

Do any of you doodle? I would love to hear from you :-)

OH p.s.-my house currently smells like Thanksgiving and apple pie thanks to my granola baking in the oven. Recipe will be up tomorrow ;)