Back to School Style Inspiration♡

As you can see I'm really into the neutrals and ripped denim right now haha. Since I'm going back to school (as in a public school, no more online, eeeep!) I get to get all pumped up for buying new school clothes. But I've needed some inspiration and I keep finding myself getting pulled towards simple outfits with delicate jewelry. I'm even loving the bohemian look a LOT. 

I've never really had an edgy style before but I guess that's just what I'm evolving into. I really admire the ripped denim high-waisted shorts, because you can pretty much style them up or down. And I need to get my hands on a nice pair of white sneakers desperately. Because who doesn't own a nice pair of sneakers? me. *straight emoji face*

Also, the whole crop top frenzy is really getting to me. A couple months ago I didn't even bother to like them, but I've literally scrolled through hundreds of different cropped shirts, and I can't believe I'm saying it but I love them...and I want to go and buy stacks of them haha! I know I'm not the only one ;)

Say tuned for more of my style inspiration posts coming soon! Sorry I'm just getting giddy over being able to get dressed again for school lol. #Homeschoolproblems