New Nails

Since I've had no where to go for a couple of weeks I kind of slacked off on painting my nails, which was odd for me because I alwayyys have my nails painted. I guess it was kind of a good break for my nails though because they were starting to look a little stained so a couple weeks of oxygen is good for them haha!

Anyway, with school starting I wanted my nails to look nice and perfect. I shaped, cut and filed them and made 'em look all nice and neat! It was kind of hard for me to pick out a color but I ended up going with Essie Tart Deco. It is such a beautiful bright coral color, and it looks good with a tan, so I slapped a couple coats on and there's my mani for ya! :)

I painted my toe nails a pastel-y turquoise color but I will honestly say I am saving your eyes from the awfulness that was my feet in pictures. i mean really i even cringed. So I'll just keep it at that!

I will say though I almost painted my nails with trendy dark fall colors. I cant believe I'm saying this but I'm kind of getting that fall bug... like I've been thinking about layering and wearing sweaters and high socks with my ankle boots, burning my pumpkin pie candles...who would believe summer is practically over already?! :( 

What colors are you wearing on your nails?