Beauty Bits

Today I quickly went to the drugstore and within minutes picked out these beeeeautiful products!! I have been wanting to purchase these lipstick colors for I don't even remember how long. The deep plum/cherry color is from Revlon and it's called '477 Black Cherry'. I saw this from Kailee Mckenzie, who is a you tuber I watch. I saw her wearing it like last winter and just now got it haha! The beautiful taupe-mauve-90's throwback lip everyone wants-color is from Maybelline and it's called '935 Sin-a-mon.' i ALSO picked this up on recommendation from Claudia Sulewski, or BeyondBeautyStar on youtube. I cannot wait to wear this color. It looks a little brown in the pictures, but trust me, this is the perfect dupe for that Kylie Jenner lip everyone has been wanting.

I also got my hands on the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara, which I cant wait to try out (watch for a review coming soon!). And I have to add, the packaging is absolutely adorable. Even if I end up not liking the product, I'm still onna keep it for looks! A+ on packaging L'Oreal ;)

So you know sometimes you just have to make that emergency drugstore stop and buy yourself a few things. Hey, I felt better after I made the purchase and thats all that matters. And now I have some new lip colors to try out for fall and winter. You have NO idea how that excites me. Especially since I've become confident enough to wear dark bold colors like plum, cherry, and red :)

Have you picked up anything recently from the drugstore?