Autumn Beauty Inspiration

Obsessing over the deep cherry/plum and soft nude/mauve lip

So for me, Autumn is all about bringing the beautiful dark, deep colored lips back into the game! It's only been since last year that I am confident enough to sport these colors, and boy am I glad I made the decision to stop caring about what people might think haha! I love to wear these colors because it screams elegance, confidence, power, beauty, and a lot more. I picked out three of my favorite drugstore cherry colors. I've had the Kate Moss color for over a year and every time I wear it someone asks me where I got it! All of these colors are affordable, pigmented, and they don't feather or streak around the lips, which is a big plus for me. 

I can't WAIT to wear these colors in a few weeks! Okay I actually already wore the Kate Moss color to school ;) 

Which are your favorite dark cherry lip colors?