Autumn is Coming

(pictures are from my pinterest board <3)

As much as I absolutely love summer and summer clothing, I can't help but find myself daydreaming about pumpkins and sweaters and thick socks with booties. Is it just me?? I never thought I would wish for summer to be over, but now that school has started as well, I'm kind of just accepting the fact that time is just going to keep on moving. I even went looking for my Bath And Body Works "Pumpkin Cupcake" candle, which smells like straight up pie if you ask me! Every Fall I ALWAYS wear oversized sweaters with a deep lip. It screams fall/winter to me. And it's super classy. I also love to wear plaid, along with a messy bun and some cute booties. The pictures above really got me in the mood. :)I especially love to wear burgundy on my body and my face. Even switching up my blush to a deep red totally changes the look of an outfit and face.

What do you guys like to wear in the Autumn time?