Ohhh yes. The color of the year haha! Maybelline's "Sin-A-Mon" is THE Kylie Jenner lip everyone is freaking out about, and yes I am too. I absolutely love this color and it's totally giving me 90's vibes. For this look I went with the mauve lip, and i wanted my eyes to kind of match it too. I used my Naked 2 palette, putting "tease" all over the lid and "busted" in the crease. I really love these purply mauve colors because they just create that sultry "I'm not trying that hard but still look good" look haha! Then I used the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara and badaboom! ;)

Naked 2         "Sin-A-Mon"       L'Oreal Miss Manga 

I can't wait to wear this look into the Fall season. There are so many ways to change this look too, you could always add more bronzer, or blush, or even do some thick liner. The possibilities are ennnnndless! ;)