Street Style Inspiration: Kendall Jenner

Over Fashion week, one celebrity that really caught my attention was Kendall Jenner. Of course I'm obsessed with her already, but her effortless style is just evvverryyttthing. Even when she's just snapped walking with friends from place to place, she always looks chic and put together. One thing I noticed about Kendall that she always does is make sure shes comfortable. You can see she is often wearing jeans, but dressing them up with awesome boots and killer leather jackets, which I would love to get my hands on for fall and winter. The look above is something I put together, which is something I would wear inspired by Kendall. I could totally see her walking around in this outfit, dont you think? ;) Where I live it doesnt get much cooler until December, so wearing a cropped top isn't such a bad thing if you're covered up in other places. 

I'm also in love with that black backpack, it gives off such a cool chic vibe.

Would you wear something like this?