To Be Well Again

Man I feel so out of the loop! On Tuesday I went to the doctor to see what's going on with me, and it turns out I do have pneumonia, I even got blood work and a chest X-ray done. I've been coughing like a maniac and had fevers on and off...it's really not fun being sick haha. I'm never sick either, the last time I was was last year at this time!

Anyway, this doctor also talked to me about my weight. He did diagnose me with an eating disorder, which I didn't take as a surprise. He asked me questions and he was very honest and gentle, which made me so much more at ease. I felt like I could talk to him like a friend, he didn't seem like a stern doctor, you know? He recommended a few places that deal with eating disorders, and while I know it would certainly help, I'm not sure if I'm up for that yet. I've already quadrupled my calorie intake and I understand what I did to my body, but i know it might not seem like that to adults who are concerned so I get it.

So basically I've been stuck on the couch. Every hour or so I will switch up what I'm doing or where I'm sitting just so I dont go completely crazy haha! I'll get up and walk around outside or do some gentle stretches just to help with my aches. My lower back is killlliiing me from all the coughing. Anyway, i've been annoyed with myself because I have all of this time to write and create posts but I just haven't had the spark or the creativity! I guess being sick makes me kind of crazy so I'm not myself. I hate not posting but I know its quality over quantity ;)

Oh! and guess what's coming in the mail?? My new iPhone!!! Ugh I'm so excited. FINALLY. A NEW PHONE. Hopefully it comes today.

By the way, you guys should follow me on twitter (@maddieeebug) I've been getting into twitter a lot recently, and when my phone comes in I'll also start posting to my Instagram! (@maddieeebug) I'm so excited <3