It's the Weekend!

YES YES YES. This week actually went bye pretty fast for me because a lot was going on, but I'm still so so thrilled its finally the weekend. There were some good moments and some not so good moments haha but thats in the past and we can look back on the good! 

// I drove myself to school every day this week...what. \\

// I got my report card- all A's! \\

// I ate the best crispy apples like every day, oh I love autumn haha! \\

// Had a very nice heart-to-heart conversation with my mom, those are always comforting \\

// Witnessed the most magical hot pink sunset \\

// Talked to some amazingly nice new bloggers! \\

// I have been wearing this berry lipstick like everyday, and I'm not exaggerating. Definitely a fall staple! \\

I hope everyone had a great week. What's something good that happened to you? :)